About the Alliance

  • The Organ Donation & Transplantation Alliance (ODTA) is a consortium of national organizations and Donation Service Area (DSA) Organ Procurement Organization leaders who have come together for the sole purpose of enhancing our national work to increase organ donation and transplantation.  Major national organizations with a deep interest in donation and transplantation engage in conversation with community leaders to create actions that will translate into lives saved through transplantation.
  •  ODTA is not a membership organization, but rather maintains a small Board of individuals who bring the best ideas from many diverse organizations.  These organizations, and others in the community, work together with ODTA and HRSA to enhance outcome strategies from many different segments of the community of practice.  Since 2006 the ODTA has carried out its mission to support the Donation & Transplantation Community of Practice through generous donations from the OPO and corporate community, and since 2011, through a Cooperative Grant from HHS/HRSA.
  • In all things, ODTA seeks to convene and collaborate with members of the Donation & Transplantation Community of Practice and others who have the power to work toward a day when no one will die waiting for the gift of a transplanted organ.

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