Transplant Center Task Force

The intent of the Transplant Center Task Force (TCTF) is to promote engagement of transplant centers as key partners in the DTCP by examining and addressing issues relevant to transplant center performance. The TCTF creates a forum for discussion and action on transplant center related issues relevant to the work of the DTCP.

The TCTF has developed revisions to the national award criteria. Representatives of the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) contractor shared the revised format for transplant center data reporting at the January meeting.

The TCTF hosts monthly national webinars, attended by more than 300 participants each month, to share best practices from high performing centers across the country and provide information from such outside sources as CMS and the SRTR. The webinar topics are chosen from recommendations provided by the transplant community.

In  April 2012, the TCTF presented a poster at the Transplant Management Forum educating transplant professionals about the TCTF. Recently the TCTF has undertaken the challenge of creating a transplant quality resource guide for transplant centers. Ultimately this guide will be housed on an easily accessible website.

Finally, the TCTF helped to inform the content of the 2012 National Learning Congress to ensure it focused on the needs of the current transplant center professional. The TCTF is responsible for creating the transplant award criteria for the NLC. The award criteria were altered to address concerns that were voiced at the previous NLC while maintaining its ultimate goal of awarding transplant centers whose outcomes are statistically significantly better than expected. The TCTF meets routinely via quarterly conference calls and the individual committees meet on a more frequent basis as work determines, with assistance provided by an ODTA Consultant.

2014 Goals:

  • Publish the Transplant Quality Resource Guide and Tools (TQRGT) on the Alliance Website
  • Continue to build the number of tools associate with The Guide
  • Market the TQRGT through social media, listserv communication, and presentation at National Meetings
  • Review and monitor national performance goals for transplant centers
  • Suggest topics and assist with development of content for the Transplant Center Webinar series

TCTF Members


Angela Allen UNOS
Teresa Beigay,  DrPH HHS/HRSA/HSB/Division of Transplantation
Melissa Blevins, RN, MS Mayo Clinic in Arizona
Anthony Dawson, RN, MSN New York Presbyterian Hospital
Stacey Doll, MPA Penn Transplant Institute Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Shannon Dowell, RN, MSN, CCTN Shannon Dowell, PLLC
Michael Goldstein, MD, FACS Jackson Health System – Miami
Ana Hands, MD Ochsner Health System
Monica Lin, PhD HHS/HRSA/HSB/Division of Transplantation
Nancy Long, RN, BA, CCTC Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas
Debbie Mast Stanford Hospital and Clinics
George Mazariegos, MD, FACS Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Chris McLaughlin HHS/HRSA/HSB/Division of Transplantation
Gwen McNatt, MS, RN, CNN, FNP-BC Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Jennifer Milton University Transplant Center
Marian  O’Rourke, RN, CTCC Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Miami Transplant Institute
Thomas Pearson, MD, DPhil Emory University
John Rosendale, MS, CMT UNOS
Kathy Schwab, RN Mayo Clinic
Daniel Schwartz HHS, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Annette Snyder, PhD HHS, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Jon Snyder, PhD, MS Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation
Randall Sung, MD University of Michigan
 LeAnn Swanson, MPH  Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance
Stuart Sweet, MD, PhD Washington University
Michele Walton CMS/CCSQ/SCG/DCCP


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