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The Alliance is proud of its dedicated community of hundreds of professional volunteers, including healthcare, organ donation and transplantation professionals from diverse disciplines and levels of leadership. Together, they give their time, service and expertise to equip a modern profession of lifesavers.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a council, committee, faculty or workgroup member, please contact The Alliance at [email protected] or call 786-866-8730.

Councils, Workgroups, Faculty and Committees

The Alliance is proud of its dedicated community of hundreds of professional volunteers, including healthcare, organ donation and transplantation professionals from diverse disciplines and levels of leadership. Together, they give their time, service and expertise to equip a modern profession of lifesavers.

These councils began operation in January 2015 with the main purpose of advancing the industry’s efforts to increase and improve the organ donation process, end deaths on the transplant waiting list and explore innovative practices for improving donation and transplantation outcomes.

National Leadership Councils

The Alliance is proud to host three national leadership councils, comprised of representatives from diverse disciplines and levels of leadership across the donation and transplantation continuum. Together, they give of their time and expertise to equip a modern profession of lifesavers through the development of scalable, targeted solutions for the community of practice.

Advancement Series Faculty

The Alliance Live Advancement Series presents more than 25 live webinar programs per year on relevant, timely topics impacting the donation and transplantation community of practice. From emerging donation practices to transplant patient care and survey preparedness, you will find multiple webinar topics that meet your needs and improve your subject knowledge.

Webinar topics are identified, coordinated and moderated by national faculty workgroups, comprised of leading professionals across the community, and are devised into four key content areas.

Learn more about the Live Advancement Series

Collaborative Events Committee

The Alliance National Critical Issues Forum Committee works together to develop this 2-day biennial event. Key hospital system, transplant, OPO and physician/surgical leaders are invited to convene for a collaborative discussion, identifying strategies for increasing organ donation and transplantation. This year’s forum, Destination Thinking, examines strategies to craft plans for the future, to capitalize on changes in the field and to cultivate more effective partnerships – ultimately saving more lives.
Every other year,

The Alliance National Donor Management Summit Committee work in collaboration to bring together OPO, hospital and transplant partners to discuss effective integration of donor management practices throughout the continuum of care. Each summit focuses on successful strategies to enhance performance and improve donor outcomes in the evolving domain of organ, eye and tissue donation.

The Exploratory Seminar is an interactive course designed by the Exploratory Seminar Workgroup. This full-day course broadly examines the comprehensive donation and transplantation process for the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

For more educational programs, visit The Alliance event calendar


Alliance Executive Insight Series Workgroups

The Alliance Executive Insight Series is a publication of semi-annual one-page issues that focus on topics relevant to healthcare senior executives. Each issue is accompanied by resources, tools and videos in which field experts offer expanded insights. This collection is published as a tool to engage executive senior leaders in donation and transplantation-related information. The publication offers two tracks–the Hospital Executive Insights and the Transplant Executive Insights.

The Alliance Mentorship Program

With more than 220 professionals currently involved in mentor-mentee matches, the Mentorship Program has grown significantly since the first 70-person cohort in October 2017.

The 2020-2021 Mentorship Workgroup combines OPO and transplant professionals to develop a program that provides a broad perspective. Their knowledge of their own organization’s learning culture and training & development programs help to inform the quality of the program. Each agrees to serve a one-year minimum commitment, though several have stayed for multiple years to guide the ongoing development and growth of the program.

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Onboarding U

OnboardingU is a series of online learning modules designed to supplement a transplant center’s existing employee orientation program. By providing staff with expertly-developed content, this orientation tool creates an understanding of the roles and interconnected responsibilities of the multidisciplinary transplant team.

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Conversation Series

The Alliance Conversation Series is a cost-free, fast-paced collaborative opportunity delivered live online throughout the year that highlights effective donation and transplantation practices across the country. Through shared insight, multidisciplinary experts identify solutions to critical challenges affecting the community of practice.

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Diversity-Focused Conversation Series

The Alliance’s Diversity-Focused Conversation Series spotlights diversity, equity, and inclusion practices within the donation and transplant communities. Through these insightful discussions, organizations and their leaders will be equipped with the tools and effective practices needed  to evaluate their current initiatives, identify improvement strategies, and promote positive changes to their program through recruitment, hiring, training, mentoring, and retention practices that foster a diversified workforce.

Community Resources

Our teams of experts work tirelessly to maintain the collections of resources so healthcare professionals like yourself in the donation and transplantation community have the current information they need to make smart, informed decisions.

Our Comprehensive Guides & Tools

Workgroups in Development

As The Alliance, we do not wait for answers; we find them. Every day, we are rolling up our sleeves to create forums for sharing of expertise, exchanging new effective practices, and advancing our network of leaders.

The following workgroups are in the early stages of development. Additional information will be shared in the future.