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Designing and Applying Best Practices for Patient Education in Underserved Communities

Thursday, August 24, 2023, at 2:00pm – 3:00pm EDT / 11:00am – 12:00pm PDT

Many patients are from underrepresented, marginalized, low-income communities where barriers such as socioeconomic status and culture impede access to quality healthcare. To help patients and families navigate their healthcare needs and make informed decisions about their care, especially in cases of donation and transplantation, it’s critical for healthcare providers to use patient education materials that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Well-designed DEI patient education invites all populations to the table and aids in breaking down these barriers and empowers Hospitals, OPOs, and Transplant Centers to help their patients and families make informed decisions about their loved one’s care. This webinar is intended to help healthcare professionals create well-designed patient education and information materials that will increase patient trust and community connections, advocate for greater affordability, and provide healthcare options.

  • Recognize the value of designing patient education that address the needs of patients, especially those in underserved communities.
  • Identify ways to apply best practices for the underserved health literacy and education requirements.
  • Describe how result-oriented patient education initiatives in transplantation have applied these methods.
  • Utilize what you learned today, to create, develop and enhance your current patient education.
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Loretta Bush
President and CEO
Authority Health
Silas Norman MD
Silas Norman
Clinical Professor
University of Michigan Health, Taubman Clinic
Stacy Skelton
Stacy Skelton
Assistant Professor
Southern University of Illinois - Edwardsville School of Nursing

Members of the donation and transplantation community serving diverse populations to include administrators, coordinators, physicians, nurses, surgeons, managers, quality improvement specialists, social workers, and other donation and transplantation center professionals and their colleagues.

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08/24/2023 - Designing and Applying Best Practices for Patient Education in Underserved Communities

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