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The Alliance Advancement Series
Maintaining Sexual Health Through Transplantation

Presented on: Thursday, March 24, 2022

End-stage organ failure and solid organ transplantation can impact the patient and his/her sexual wellbeing. This presentation is aimed at defining sexual health and the potential barriers that can impact patients and families. We will review the role of the transplant clinician in assessing, identifying, and managing patients with sexual health issues, and share outcomes from the Transplant Pregnancy Registry International.

  • Identify potential barriers to sexual fulfillment before and after transplantation.
  • Discuss the role of the transplant care provider in identification, referral, and management of patients with sexual health issues.
  • List interventions to optimize sexual health for the transplant recipient.
  • Summarize the pre-pregnancy guidelines and medication recommendations prior to pregnancy for solid organ transplant recipients.
  • Review pregnancy and maternal outcomes for solid organ transplant recipients.
  • Outline breastfeeding recommendations.
Chris Shay Downer
Chris Shay
Clinical Manager Abdominal Transplant
University Hospital, Cleveland

Members of the donation and transplantation community serving diverse populations to include administrators, coordinators, physicians, nurses, surgeons, managers, quality improvement specialists, social workers, and other donation and transplantation center professionals and their colleagues.

Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education credits are no longer available for this learning opportunity.

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