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Nutritionist With Female Patient

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The Alliance Advancement Series
Identifying Nutrition Risks and Applying Them to Transplant Patient Care

Presented on: Thursday, March 25, 2021

Nutrition has become an increasingly important focus in the transplant community with respect to risk reduction and improved outcomes through patient optimization. Malnutrition is an undeniable contributor to poorer outcomes, waitlist mortality and, in extreme cases, determination of potential candidacy for surgery. During this webinar, we will hear from two clinical experts in the field of malnutrition and its etiologies. First, we will be joined by Dr. Charles Mueller who will discuss the diagnosis’ and distinguishing features of different malnutrition subsets across all solid-organ groups. We will then hear from clinical dietician, Courtney Dunn, who will walk us through an effective Nutrition Focused Physical Exam. Courtney will review specific concerns for different organ system groups, and how to personalize nutrition care based on the findings. This comprehensive overview will provide useful information to dietitians involved in the process, as well as clinicians caring for the patient.

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