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The Alliance Advancement Series
OPO Training & Education: Advancing Staff Development

Presented on: Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Within the OPO community, there has been an increased interest and commitment to enhancing the competencies of early-career professionals to ensure success in donation practices and outcomes. This session will highlight a unique “Train-the-Trainer” program implemented at Midwest Transplant Network that has fostered a more uniform and successful training program throughout the organization. Additionally, we’ll learn about the implementation of an OPO Leadership Academy that was established for employees who are on the path to exploring professional growth opportunities to advance their personal careers.

  • Assess the training needs of an OPO.
  • Produce a comprehensive, interactive, and effective train-the-trainer program.
  • Design a Leadership Academy to proactively develop emerging leaders within your organization.

Members of the donation and transplantation community serving diverse populations to include administrators, coordinators, physicians, nurses, surgeons, managers, quality improvement specialists, social workers, and other donation and transplantation center professionals and their colleagues.

Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education credits are no longer available for this learning opportunity.

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