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The Alliance Conversation Series
The Single Most Critical Factor for Effective DCD Family Conversations

Presented on: Tuesday, October 06, 2020

The Alliance Virtual Town hall series is established to highlight successful OPO and Transplant program relationships and the resulting donation and transplant outcomes, sharing model elements from which others may emulate successful practices.

LifeSource is among many OPOs working to discern “leading indicators” for donation authorization. We have identified several elements of prep work that, when present, result in families having the support, information and time to make thoughtful, informed decisions about potential DCD donation. These elements are:

  • Hospital support and alignment for DCD as a standard part of end of life discussions
  • Early process connection with hospital care team, following initial referral
  • Huddles to share information and establish a shared plan
  • Peer-to-peer coaching to center on family needs and plan for donation conversation

​We will touch on honoring donor designation in DCD, noting that the process connection with hospital care teams is key to optimally timed DCD donation discussions and fulfilling the patient’s donor designation.

Key Objectives:

  • Participants will review concept of leading indicators for donation authorization.
  • Participants will discuss key elements of preparation that contribute toward families having the support, information and time to make thoughtful, informed decisions.
  • Participants will apply key preparation elements to discuss honoring donor designation.
  • Participants will share and further discuss best practices from their organizations they use to apply these preparation elements.
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Jody Fischer
Hospital Liaison
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Taylor Winkel
Family Support Coordinator

Transplant Center Professionals, Organ Procurement Organization Professionals, Quality Improvement Professionals and Leadership, OPO and Transplant Center Leadership, Directors, Managers, Clinicians, Front-line staff and Individuals interested in improving relationships between OPO and Transplant programs.

Continuing Education Credits

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