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The Alliance Conversation Series
Use of Marginal Organs and Decreased Cold Time

Presented on: Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Alliance Virtual Town hall series is established to highlight successful OPO and Transplant program relationships and the resulting donation and transplant outcomes, sharing model elements from which others may emulate successful practices.

In order to use marginal organs, we will discuss organizational structure required of transplant programs to permit the rapid evaluations of donors with appropriate recipient selection. Having an adequate infrastructure should allow for the utilization of rapid, unplanned, short notice transplants.

Key Objectives:

  • Increased utilization of marginal organs by not coding out on donor until all information is available.
  • Develop an internal system to allow rapid evaluations of potential recipients.
  • Assess Facility/ Program’s infrastructure ability to handle marginal organ cases in a timely manner.
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Transplant Center Professionals, Organ Procurement Organization Professionals, Quality Improvement Professionals and Leadership, OPO and Transplant Center Leadership, Directors, Managers, Clinicians, Front-line staff and Individuals interested in improving relationships between OPO and Transplant programs.

Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education credits are no longer available for this learning opportunity.

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