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ConversationSeries 2022

2022 Conversation Series – including DEI Programming – Topics and Dates Announced by The Alliance

The Alliance is pleased to announce our topics for the 2022 Conversation Series (webinars) for the donation and transplantation community of practice.

The Conversation Series is a series of virtual programs presented in a highly successful engaging format.  Based on the topic, the program is structured with interactive tools, active Q&A, and more.  The objective is to elevate emerging trends within the donation and transplantation community of practice and offer a platform for collaborative discussion that promotes effective practices and solutions on a range of timely and relevant topics.

“The Conversation Series has garnered a reputation of providing a stage for discussions surrounding important topics, lead by experts in the field, that affect organ donation and transplantation results,” says Glenn Matsuki, Program Consultant at The Alliance, who spearheads the program. “Community participation in our events has grown significantly throughout 2020-2021.”

The topics for the Conversation Series are intended to be based on major issues in the community.  Critical areas to explore through The Alliance learning programs are curated from the feedback received from the community-wide “You Share, We Listen” survey as well as input from The Alliance Board of Directors, National Councils, and Faculty Workgroups, which are comprised of leaders within the field. The expert faculty workgroups overseeing the development of the Conversation Series then collaborate to further develop each by assessing the priority area(s) of focus and identifying leading national experts to share critical insights on those areas.

Providing support to the community on topics specifically related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion is a high priority identified by the board of directors and three national councils. In the last year, the Alliance has worked closely with its DEI Committee to develop a robust library of DEI-specific programs through our Conversation Series. To promote active learning and interactivity, these programs offer breakout sessions that allow participants to collaborate with one another in smaller groups and apply lessons learned from the general session.  

“We have received such strong, positive feedback about our DEI-focused programs from the 950+ professionals who have participated in the series since its launch in May,” shared Deanna Fenton, Program Manager at the Alliance. “It is an honor and a privilege to be serving the community by providing education and resources on such critical, diverse topics that not only have an impact on our lives professionally but personally as well.”  

DEI Conversation Series topics are complemented with DEI programming developed through The Alliance Mentorship Program as well.  

2022 Conversation Series Webinar Topics include:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion-Specific Programs

All Conversation Series programs garner a Certificate of Attendance, upon completion of a brief post-webinar evaluation; Depending on the topic, a select number of these webinars garners 1 CEPTC and/or 1 nursing contact hour.  For more information about The Alliance Continuing Education credits, please click here

To learn more about The Alliance Conversation Series Program, visit 

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