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Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Glenn Matsuki

Glenn MatsukiThe Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance (The Alliance) has created the annual Glenn Matsuki Outstanding Mentorship Award to celebrate the life and contributions of Glenn Matsuki, who served as a mentor and program consultant for The Alliance for the past five years and who passed away on January 15, 2023. Glenn was extremely passionate about mentoring and touched the lives of hundreds of donation and transplantation professionals.

“The word people use consistently to describe Glenn is ‘inspiring’ and this new award will allow us to continue Glenn’s legacy and recognize people who are inspiring others through their mentoring,” says Karri Hobson-Pape, executive director of The Alliance.

Matsuki, who received a heart transplant 27 years ago, was honored with The  Alliance’s Special Recognition Award at The Alliance’s National Critical Issues Forum in September 2022.

With 1,200 connections on LinkedIn, 900 Facebook friends, and 26,000 blog posts reaching 4 million visitors in 15 years, Matsuki, was the ultimate connector with an ability to keep and make friends that made him an effective mentor. During an April 2021 interview, he says he learned those skills growing up.

“When you grow up in Hawaii, you learn the Aloha Spirit, and that’s basically be kind to others, accept others for what they are, and appreciate their culture and what they represent,” said Matsuki.

Matsuki said that Aloha Spirit served him well through a variety of careers which included working at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, owning a floral shop and a pirate radio station, and becoming the Transplant Administration Coordinator at Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Transplant Center. He said he was paying forward the help he received by serving as a mentor in The Alliance Mentorship Program – a national network of peer mentors for the organ donation and transplantation community of practice.

Being an active listener was at the core of Matsuki’s mentoring style. “Allowing people to express their thoughts, their concerns, their fears, and their challenging situations and talking about and celebrating small successes is key,” he said. “I think I get more out of mentoring than I give to my mentee because I’m very proud of their accomplishments,” he continued. “I always tell my mentee that the commitment I want out of you is that you’re going to mentor someone else. You’re going to take what you learn and you’re going to help that person became a leader as well.”

Matsuki said his family created his tenaciousness. “My parents and grandparents really instilled in me that you work hard, you do your best and if you fail, you try, try again. That’s been my mantra throughout life.”

In 1995, he caught a flu that progressed rapidly from an infection to congestive heart failure. He was on the waiting list for 11 weeks and said his post-transplant recovery still held the record at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He was admitted on a Friday and went home the following Saturday.

After his transplant, his life took another turn and he volunteered at Cedars-Sinai. “I would greet patients that were being evaluated for heart transplantation. I shared my story to express that there’s life after transplant and not to fear.”

Eventually, he became the administrative coordinator in the liver transplant program and then joined the organ procurement organization OneLegacy. He went on to serve as a project manager at Donor Network West and as a program leader at The Alliance.

“I’m especially proud of my work in healthcare,” he said. “Being able to speak to a broader audience at conferences and sharing knowledge of best practices to increase organ donation are the things I’m really proud of.”

Matsuki lived with his partner John in Las Vegas.

View the recent full story about Glenn here.

DonateLife America

Please register to be an organ donor at the Donate Life America registry if have not yet done so.

If you would like to financially contribute to a cause of importance to Glenn, please contribute in Glenn’s honor to Donate Life America or the American Heart Association.

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  • Karri Hobson-Pape
    January 16, 2023 9:27 am

    An incredible human that has touched thousands of lives.

  • Glenn was a huge Ambassador for our field and represented the best of what we all strive for in this work. His calm presence and incredible ability to be in a conversation completely always inspired me and does so today. We are going to miss him terribly. My condolences to Glenn’s family.

  • Glenn was a special one-of-a-kind man.

    I was lucky enough to have worked with him at three different organizations and to be called his work wife. I witnessed first hand Glenn’s tireless dedication to and passion for furthering the mission of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

    When Glenn and I started in our brand new jobs as Hospital Development coordinators at OneLegacy, we were determined that we would make a national impact and Glenn accomplished this in no time and he led by example for me.

    Glenn was bold and fearless. He would talk to leaders across the nation and showed me it was enriching to do so. Within a few months of us starting as brand new frontline coordinators, under Glenn’s leadership and vision, we coordinated a national DCD call to learn how we could improve our processes.

    His national impact did not end there, serving to his last day at The Alliance. But Glenn also had an international impact through international relationships that he built and the website he managed.

    Glenn was an innovator, a leader, an incredible mentor, and someone who could win over the hearts of the most close-minded and challenging personalities. He was so passionate about honoring his own donor every day and there is no doubt he brilliantly accomplished this desire. I am so incredibly blessed to have called him a very dear friend to be inspired by him every day.

    May John and Glenn’s family know through this page the far reaching impact Glenn had.

    I will forever miss you my dear friend.

  • Jonathan Carrier
    January 16, 2023 1:50 pm

    Mentor, colleague, but most importantly inspiring friend. You will be missed.

    Thoughts and prayers go to Glenn’s family and all who had the pleasure of knowing Glenn.

  • Janet Beckley
    January 16, 2023 1:59 pm

    I had the honor of working with Glenn on the Alliance website. He took charge of entering tons of material into the community resources section. I remember watching his submissions go from 0-900+ in the span of a few months. Working with people who are so passionate about their work, who understand the value of it, and who care so much about why it is so important is a rarity. Couple that with a love for this field and everyone in it and you have Glenn. I had the honor of meeting him in person at last year’s National Critical Issue Forum. He was wrapped in hugs and laughter and smiles from all who encountered him – which was pretty much everyone. Like all around him, I felt graced knowing him, too.

  • LeAnn Swanson
    January 16, 2023 2:22 pm

    The world has another angel to look over us! Glenn touched so many people with his wisdom and kindness. I was fortunate to work with him when I was at The Alliance but more importantly I consider myself fortunate for knowing him and learning from him. RIP my friend. You will be missed.

  • So sorry to hear the news of Glenn’s passing. He was a wonderful part of the donation and transplant community for so many years and touched the lives of so many. Rest in peace Glenn and thank you for all your service to others.

  • Walter Lemankiewicz
    January 16, 2023 3:14 pm

    Glenn will be truly missed. I’ve known him since the mid 90’s when he became I’ll and was worked up for his transplant.
    After his transplant he gave back. He would visit patients waiting for organs. He became even more active with is involvement with organ agencies.
    I will always remember Glenn as a giver. Our world is a little less bright without him in it.
    God rest his beautiful soul!

  • Michael Romero
    January 16, 2023 3:57 pm

    Glenn was an inspiration and loved by many. He was a great mentor and colleague and have made an impact in the donation and transplantation field. I admired his spirit and wisdom. You will be missed dearly, Glenn. And thank you for everything.

  • Glenn was an incredible person, not only knowledge wise but also personally. I got to work with Glenn briefly at Donor Network West and he was, in a word, amazing. He will be greatly missed.

  • Angela Mascarenhas
    January 16, 2023 5:18 pm

    I am so sorry to hear this, Glenn is a wonderful person, I was so lucky to have worked with him and learned from him. His wonderful stories always captivated me. Warmth is what comes to mind when I think of Glenn

  • Glenn was a one in a million! Incredible human, kind, thoughtful and made such a difference in the donation and transplantation world. He will be so missed. We all already miss him ❤️❤️❤️

  • Glenn inspired and mentored me for several years. He was a loving soul who made a huge difference in the community and in our world. Glenn, if the Universe can carry this message onto you… I hope that all the love and light that you brought to others during your time on earth is surrounding you in your new home. You deserve it all and more. You will be missed. Aloha my friend. 🌺

  • In every way, Glenn was the gold standard… as a colleague, friend, mentor and more. But then, what else can you expect from someone with a heart of gold? I adored his zest for life, his sense of humor and his infectious spirit. I loved saying or doing anything to make him laugh.

    Glenn, my dear friend, you will be so missed. Thank your for all of the memories, the years of mentorship, friendship and showing me what it truly means to live life to the fullest. You truly were one of a kind.

  • Bridget Nelson-Hannon
    January 16, 2023 5:36 pm

    I have few words other than thank you! Thank you for your hugs outside the hospital when I lost it on my first pediatric case, thank you for the love and joy you brought to this world, thank you for always making us laugh in the darkest of times- like when you sat on the commode in a room at USC insisting I sit on the chair (always such a gentlemen), thank you for your friendship, your compassion, your mentorship, for always loving and encouraging us all… Glenn Matsuki you will be SO missed. You are a success story on so many levels and your inspiration will live on forever. I was blessed to know you, learn from you, work with you and call you friend. Love and prayers to all your friends and family ♥️🙏🏼💔

  • Singrid Steinmetz
    January 16, 2023 5:37 pm

    I met Glenn at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center in 2006. a few weeks before the Donate Life Run/Walk he wanted to get a team together for our hospital. My son and I had just completed our first Marathon so we were all in. Our team was a mighty 4. We have had a team every year since. Glenn quickly became a family friend as I always got my family involved.
    Glenn was so special and compassionate with our staff. He motivates you to want to get involved. I feel so blessed to have had him in my circle.
    One of my most precious memories was Glenn’s 20th birthday. That was one of the most amazing parties I have ever attended.
    You will be missed😢. My prayers are with John and the rest of your family 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • I worked with Glenn at OneLegacy for many years, and though we didn’t work closely, his passion for life was evident.

    Following my time at OneLegacy, we kept in touch on social media and I looked forward to hearing about what Glenn was doing personally and professionally. We shared many of the same world views and opinions on shows and movies. Of course I loved hearing about Miss Kitty’s moods.

    Glenn was an inspiration in my life and he will be truly missed.

  • My heart truly goes out to Glenn’s family and his far reaching network of friends. So many had the honor of knowing him, admiring him and trusting in his knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the field in which he worked and loved. We may have lost one of the most incredible in our community…but we all know he lives on in the important work he has done.

  • The world has lost an incredible human being! I will never forget when I first met Glenn at a conference. He had the ability to draw people in and demand that you always give your best to our mission of saving lives. He truly lived the mission and has been and will continue to be an inspiration to the field of organ, eye and tissue donation.
    Sending the deepest sympathies to John and Glenn’s family.

  • Essence Wilson
    January 16, 2023 7:49 pm

    I met Glenn over 15 years ago working as the ER nurse educator at at Trauma center, scheduling sessions for him to update our staff on organ donation. We became fast friends as he was such a warm and fun loving man. We enjoyed long conversations about work, our favorite shows, health and whatever was going on in the world. We were recently in communication because he was helping me find resources for my husband who is awaiting a transplant. I’m so grateful I was able to express my gratitude for all that he did to help us. I had no idea time wasn’t on our side. Praying for his partner John and their family and friends as they deal with his passing and the journey ahead.

  • Glenn was always smiling, every zoom we got on he always had a smile and welcomed us. He was a inspiring leader and supported everyone he encountered. I am a better person for having known and work with him. You will be so missed Glenn, fly high my friend

  • Samantha Mitchell
    January 16, 2023 8:20 pm

    A true gentleman and champion for donation and transplantation. It was a honor to know him and call him friend. RIP Glenn Matsuki

  • I worked with Glenn for many years at One Legacy. He is an inspiration in caring and understanding. You will be missed my friend.

  • Glen joined us at OneLegacy as we were expanding our hospital development work and came with tremendous professional knowledge from his time as a Transplant Administrator at Cedars-Sinai and wide ranging and very successful previous careers…with the deeply personal connection of being a heart recipient….but his greatest gift to all of us then, now, and into the future was his caring and welcoming “Aloha” spirit…may we all channel it while remembering him.

  • Glenn was such an amazing kind, generous, humble and just an all around great man! He is going to be missed by so many of us. Not only was he a champion for organ, eye and tissue donation but he was kind and like many others have said, always willing to mentor others and always extending a smile. I am so shocked by his sudden passing. Thank you Alliance for remembering him with an honor award to those who will follow in his footsteps. A great honor for a great man! Prayers for his family and friends. Such a big loss.

  • Schawnté Williams-Taylor
    January 16, 2023 9:29 pm

    I am saddened by this loss as Glenn was such an inspiration and a kind soul. He was so encouraging and supportive. What I will remember most in collaborating on projects is his expressions of gratitude and undying advocacy for donation and transplantation. May his legacy be forever remembered by all those he encountered. Deepest condolences to Glenn’s family and friends. Rest well my friend!

  • Sadness overcomes me knowing your bright light is no longer In this world. You were incredibly kind and generous with your knowledge and your spirit. Your flame shines now in all the many you touched. I will cherish your memory and try to ask myself “what would Glenn do?” And I know the action will be right. Thank you Glenn. Soar above us a shining star! You will be missed

  • Clinique Burrell
    January 16, 2023 10:20 pm

    I honor the life of Glenn Matsuki. A mentor, a friend. As a heart recipient his passion and service to the organ donation and transplantation community will not be forgotten. The lessons he taught me have left an impression on my life. My favorite memory was when I shadowed him around LAC+USC and how EVERYONE knew who he was and the stories he shared. I enjoyed working with him. Rest well, Glenn. My prayers extend to his family, friends and the organ donation and transplantation community.

  • Sad to hear that Glenn has passed away. It was an honor and pleasure to communicate with him.
    His legacy will remain as beacon for others to live their lives
    RIP, Glen

  • Tony Landaverde
    January 16, 2023 11:28 pm

    Glenn was such an amazing person. He will be greatly missed.

  • Adreon Fenderson
    January 17, 2023 12:00 am

    It was such a pleasure working with Glenn at OneLegacy. He had such a zest for life and a true passion for continuing to better the donation process for those waiting on the transplant list. Glenn was truly dedicated to the mission. Rest well Glenn.

  • Margaret (Maggie) Klein
    January 17, 2023 12:36 am

    There are those who cross our paths, who will forever influence our lives. My dear friend Glenn Matsuki was just that type of person. An amazing soul filled with a joy for life and a love for his family and friends. A 28 year heart recipient he was grateful to his donor family for each and every additional day he was given and he honored their legacy in how he lived his life.

    Glenn was loved by many and for so many reasons. His sense of purpose, his generous spirit, his love for others, his righteous sense of integrity for his fellow man, his humility, and his willingness to be there for others. As with many, he was not only a friend. But he was a mentor. He taught me so very much over the nearly 25 years we were friends and colleagues. We did some amazing work in leading initiatives related to pediatric donation and transplantation, and in advancing knowledge and understanding of donation after cardiac death, leading edge work. I have so many fond memories of our work together for the Learning Collaborative, the conferences we attended, the panels we presented, and a very memorable trip to OneLegacy to present on the topic of applying the principles of palliative care in the setting of donation after cardiac death. He was an amazing thought partner and brought out the best in me.

    In 2013 when I received my award for my work in palliative and end-of-life care, he was there as my family to support and cheer for me on what was the 18th anniversary of his heart transplant. It was such an amazing evening made even more special with my dear friend at my side. We could pick up a conversation as if it was yesterday. Last April Craig was able to connect with Glenn when he was with the guys in Vegas and in just four weeks we would have been having a martini and toasting to our friendship. Sadly this day will never come. Glenn passed peacefully this past weekend and his many, many friends are each devastated and heartbroken by this news, as I am.

    A mentor, a friend, a confidant, a soul among souls. He will be forever missed and forever remembered. Our hearts and prayers are with John and the family during this time of mourning and remembrance. Sending our love.

  • Michael Adams
    January 17, 2023 1:30 am

    I’m glad I had the opportunity to call Glenn a friend. We did some tabling events for Onelegacy together at Cedars-Sinai. I had my Lung Transplant at Cedars-Sinai back in 2002. We enjoyed some nice lunches together after my clinic visits. He will be missed. 😞

  • Marilyn Macri
    January 17, 2023 2:54 am

    Glenn Matsuri was present. I felt seen and known in his presence and remembered as time went by. I will miss his hilarious and spot-on social media presence. My heart hurts for Hedi, and John and family. Live forever Glenn Matsuki

  • A rare gift of a human who made people he interacted with just feel positive and inspired. He did so with me every time I saw him. My deepest condolences to Glenn’s loved ones. Thank you for everything, Glenn.

  • Farm Saephan-Souza
    January 17, 2023 10:08 am

    Glenn was such a kind soul and a wonderful human being. He was the most passionate person I met, and he will be missed.

  • Colleen Cieszkowski
    January 17, 2023 11:01 am

    Donor Network West was fortunate enough to have had Glenn on our staff. As a heart recipient, he was forever grateful to his donor family, and he honored their gift to him every day by dedicating his life to support the organ donation community. I am so grateful to have met and worked with him. He touched the heart of everyone who knew him. He will be sorely missed and forever remembered as the ambassador he truly became throughout the years he served us all. RIP Glenn.

  • I’m extremely saddened to hear the passing of Glenn as he was a huge proponent of organ donation and transplant. I had the pleasure of working with Glenn on a few educational events, and he was always thankful. I also grew up in Hawaii and could sense the Aloha spirit in our interactions. The transplant community has lost a great friend.

  • I had the pleasure to work with Glenn on the Conversations series. He was just so wonderful to work with. So professional but also passionate about transplant and kind to everyone. He always took the positive spin on every issue while still striving for excellence! I will miss him so much!

  • Kat Carmichael
    January 17, 2023 12:38 pm

    To Glenn, A Wonderful Human. It was a privilege to work with you Glenn, and to stay Facebook friends over the last few years – Always popping up in likes and comments, wishing me well and sharing in joy. Rest in Peace.
    You left a wonderful legacy and will be missed.

  • Fady Nasrallah, MD
    January 17, 2023 12:45 pm

    Glenn was such a pleasure to work with as an awesome team player and lead!
    His life story is an example of giving back!!

  • Glenn was a gift to The Alliance, to all of the organizations he worked with in the past, and to our field. His legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of those he touched. The lasting impact he had on our field will continue to better the lives of the patients in need of lifesaving transplants and those who give the gift of life. Glenn will be greatly missed.

  • Emily Larimer
    January 17, 2023 1:52 pm

    You recommended I transition from heart to words in our brief mentor-ship, as how else to present?

    Notes from your gentle empowerment:

    *Embrace a perspective of beneficence. Beneficence as a walk of kindness and mercy; a vessel of goodness toward others alongside integrity and upright duty.
    *Lead humbly and recognize disparity.
    *Iron sharpens iron as OPOs and The Alliance innovate together in earnestness.
    *Champion respect and integrity within and without partnerships.

    Family and colleagues of Glenn: how blessed you are to have laughed and learned from this beautiful heart. ~Emily L.

  • Leiauna Anderson
    January 17, 2023 2:00 pm

    Glenn was such a wonderful soul. He made me feel very welcome in the OneLegacy family when I began volunteering. He also gave me so much hope as a new transplant recipient. I will never forget his warmth and happy spirit! May he Rest In Peace and may his memory be a blessing to all who knew him.

  • Ingrid Palacios
    January 17, 2023 2:37 pm

    Dear Glen, my heart is broken by learning about the terrible news of your physical departure…

    I am devastated thinking you are not going to be able to do the amazing trip you were planning to do this year after your retirement, but instead you went on a trip to heaven…

    And along all this sadness, shock and sorrow that invades me, I am pressed with the need to thank you…
    To thank you for being one of the most inspiring people I have met in our field; for your kind and servant leadership, for your ethic, professionalism and compassion that manifested in everything you did, for being an exceptional human being…

    I want to specially thank you for “seeing” me and my work even before really getting to know me, for reaching out and inviting me to join the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workgroup at the Organ Donation & Transplantation Alliance you were putting together, and where we have being doing amazing and crucial work for the past couple of years…

    Thank you for all your support Glenn, for believing in me and for valuing the work I do for my Latino community and for all the other historically marginalized communities we serve in this field, which I am sure led for me to receiving the “Rising Leader” award from the Organ Donation & Transplantation Alliance, back in 2021. I never told you, but receiving that award brought me so much light, pride and grace in a time I was going through one of the most difficult and challenging times of my life…THANK YOU Glenn…

    I thank God for crossing our paths and for having the honor to have met, work and learn from you. Rest in Peace dear Glenn Matsuki, you will always live in my heart and prayers and in the hearts of all who had the privilege to know you and be inspired by you and your transplant journey…
    Your legacy of love and life will leave on…God bless you, always…🙏🏼💙💚
    My deepest and sincere condolences to his friends, colleagues and family.

  • Jennifer Tislerics
    January 17, 2023 2:46 pm

    Glenn was such a superstar in the donation and transplant world! Both professionally and personally.

    Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Glenn in person, I enjoyed the interactions I had with him online. I so admired his determination to share every donation/transplant story he could find on his blog, so that we could all read them.

    Sending wishes for peace and comfort to all of Glenn’s family and friends.

  • Glenn was an incredible colleague, friend and human being. He was truly one of kind. My hear is broken 💔💔 and in shock. I will miss him and his supportive/uplifting messages on Facebook. My deepest condolences to all the people & colleagues that knew him and worked with him

  • Andrea Tietjen
    January 17, 2023 4:24 pm

    Glenn’s passion and commitment made a difference in the lives of many. His spirit will continue to inspire and motivate us all. May we find some comfort in his amazing legacy

  • Tasha Querantes
    January 17, 2023 6:29 pm

    What an incredible blessing to have Glenn as a dear friend! We worked together at OneLegacy and Donor Network West. We developed a deep friendship and truly cared for each other. I will forever treasure each and every memory.

  • I was always touched in my brief interactions with Glenn by his incredible personality, intelligence, kindness, ability to unite the people to reach higher goals, his very unique work ethics. He was always soft spoken but the same time very persuasive and goal oriented person

  • I met Glenn through the Alliance many years ago and I truly enjoyed every interaction we had. He was genuinely a great person, very passionate for everything transplant related and always there to help. We lost a good one!! He will definitely be missed…

  • Joseph Robert Lee MD FACS
    January 17, 2023 9:19 pm

    Glenn was the Liver Transplant Administrative Coordinator at Cedars when I was the Liver Transplant Fellow. We had many conversations and he took amazing care of me, making sure I was credentialed and registered me for the best educational conferences. We remained friends and saw each other at the National Transplant Organ Donation Collaborative after I moved to Tennessee. His warmth, humor and candor about everything he believed were inspiring and comforting. I’m sure in the next life, he is leading and making sure people are kinder and more compassionate to each other.

  • Always a gentleman. He will be missed throughout the organ donation community.

  • I remember meeting Glenn back in 2005, shortly after I began my career in transplant. His passion for organ transplant and donation was infectious. Glenn was a great human and a tremendous role model. The world needs more Glenns.

  • Marisa Hemenez
    January 18, 2023 12:07 am

    Glenn’s bright light keeps shining. I am so grateful for the moments of laughter we shared, especially the most recent.

  • Glenn was one of the kindest souls that I felt privileged to know and work with. He was always encouraging and had the ability to really “see” you. He touched many and is a great example of how to be a great human. May he rest in peace.

  • Glenn was such a positive force for our mission. His kindness and humbleness was like no one else I’ve ever encountered. I feel blessed to have worked and learned from him over the years.

  • Glenn was the perfect example of “paying it forward”………always honoring his donor with respect and gratitude. I had to honor of working with Glenn during his years at Donor Network. I will miss his contagious smile and enthusiasm for living life to the fullest.

  • Tenaya Wallace
    January 18, 2023 6:38 pm

    Glenn loved each of us. He believed in us. He honored us. He heard us and celebrated us for all the work we do. He did his work with grace and compassion. He gave so much of himself to that work, and to each of us.

  • Simera Nichols
    January 18, 2023 11:26 pm

    Glenn was an inspiring, caring , passionate and all around wonderful person. His commitment to educating and inspiring on donation was amazing. He will be deeply missed.

  • Jaclyn Cagle Manzanedo
    January 19, 2023 12:21 am

    I was privileged to work with Glenn at Donor Network West. He was so wise when it came to Hospital Development. He of course had the perspective of being a recipient but he was a really great leader too—patient, kind, well versed in mission critical situations. After his departure it was a pleasure to remain in contact on social
    Media and see another side of Glenn—still wise and kind, but sometimes with a touch of snark that cracked me up. He remained outspoken about the things that mattered to him, the community, the world and especially donation. Glenn will long be remembered for making a difference and we are better for having crossed paths with him in whatever way we did. Condolences to John and his loved ones.

  • Robert Horsey, RN, BSN, CPTC, CCTC
    January 19, 2023 6:13 am

    Glenn lived his mission each and every day. His work touched the lives of countless people and inspired them to promote organ, eye and tissue donation. I will always appreciate his words of support and encouragement, a true gentleman.

  • Glenn was a pleasure to work with. He was one of the best people I’ve ever met. It’s hard to forget someone who gave me so much to remember. It was a gift to know Glenn Matsuki. Sending a warm embrace and all my love to his loved ones during this sad time.

  • Andra Kai Shaw
    January 19, 2023 12:23 pm

    My heart is heavy and sad. Glenn was a wonderful human being and a very loyal friend. A staunch advocate for organ and tissue donation, the consummate teacher, Glenn, was always willing to share his transplant journey and knowledge and never had a problem sharing his thoughts. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to know Glenn and even more to have learned so much from him.

  • Dr Elaine Kamil
    January 19, 2023 10:43 pm

    This news is heartbreaking. Glenn was a gift to all of us. His spirit will live on in all of the lives that he touched. Such a huge loss.

  • Scott Northup
    January 20, 2023 9:26 am

    Rest in great peace Glen as you’ve earned it and then some. In a field of incredible dedicated people, a man like Glen rose above the norm by truly walking the walk of saving lives.
    Blessings to his family, his partner, to you Hedi (I can’t picture donation without the two of you in it..!), his colleagues and friends! You will be remembered for a long time!!

  • Glenn was very inspirational, and very passionate about organ donation and transplantation. I got to know Glenn while working on the NATCO Communication committee. He always pushed our group to be the best we could be. He will be missed, and never forgotten. Condolences to his family.

  • Steven Averhart
    January 21, 2023 5:26 pm

    There are many people who can warm you, lift your spirits, and make you believe in yourself but there are only a special few who can do these things effortlessly. Glenn inhaled hope and exhaled kindness…..every single breath of his. Our interactions were few, but every time I had the pleasure of working with you…I learned something. A gentle soul, you will be missed. Rest easy. Blessing to your family!

    Rest easy

  • Tracy Evans-Walker
    January 21, 2023 7:26 pm

    Glenn touched many lives. He will be missed. Please accept my condolences.

  • In every single interaction with Glenn, he made people feel valued, appreciated, unique and important. Many colleagues have used the word “inspiring” to describe Glenn: Indeed, what could be more inspiring?

    Glenn’s leadership took the form of passion mixed with willingness to leave no stone unturned for the benefit of patients and for the field of donation and transplantation. He was willing to get into the details, the nuances, the hard questions, and to do it with joy. He inspired us to do the same.

    Having worked with and learned from Glenn over a variety of initiatives, what I treasure most is his friendship. To Glenn’s family: You are in our hearts as you celebrate the life of one of the most amazing people we’ve ever known. Please know every time we mentor, encourage or teach a colleague or a friend, we will think of Glenn and do it ever more intentionally, and with love.

  • Michelle Reef
    January 23, 2023 4:12 pm

    The first time you talk to Glenn, you would have sworn you knew him your whole life; at least that is how he made me feel. He was an inspiration to so many of us and I personally connected with his good hearted nature, his passion for making us all better, and for his genuine kindness. Glenn is one of those people you don’t forget and I certainly won’t. We will all continue to carry on the work and mission that Glenn loved.

  • Cristina Luper
    January 23, 2023 7:07 pm

    Glen was a light in our Medical World at Cedars, he gave of himself, his knowledge all with a smile that would melt your heart. You will be missed but oh so respected and loved

  • Tiffany Miles-Self
    January 23, 2023 9:30 pm

    Glenn was a mentor who took time to listen, meet you where you were, affirm and challenge you. I remember how nervous I was the first time I approached Glenn at a National Learning Congress. Within minutes I was at ease. That conversation led to a friendship that I cherish. One of my favorite moments with Glenn was when I asked how to balance quoting regs to a hospital administrator without sounding like a surveyor. Glenn’s response was great question and I have been addressed by hospital administrators more than once as “Mr Joint Commission”. My ultimate connection with Glenn was when I found out he had never met or heard from his donor’s family. Glenn, Hedi and I had a private conversation where I shared the story of Heath, my 15 year old cousin, who was an organ and tissue donor. His heart recipient was the only organ recipient we never heard from. It was then Glenn and I adopted one another as recipient and donor family. My heart was full in a new way, a Glenn way.

  • Laura I Sanford
    January 23, 2023 10:17 pm

    Dearest friend, I will miss you. I still remember the first time meeting you in Chicago and that warm welcoming hug you gave me. Always willing to share your knowledge and experience. I was mesmerized by your transplant story and the picture of you on the roof of your house after the transplant. Nothing ever stopped you from doing what you wanted to do. The incredible Halloween decorations! Most of all, I will miss your patience, caring spirit, and taking the time to listen and laugh. Dearest Glenn, there will never be someone like you. You will live on in all your endeavors and those you touched with your sensibility and silly jokes. I am going to miss you, sweetheart. Thank you for crossing my path. Laura

  • Deanna Fenton
    January 24, 2023 3:57 pm

    It is incredibly hard to find the words to say about a man who meant so much to so many people so, instead, I’ll extend my sincere gratitude. Glenn, thank you for your kindness, your generosity, and your unwavering support over the years. To have known you is to love you, not only as a colleague and mentor but as a friend. You will never be forgotten. My prayers and thoughts are with your loved ones.

    Until we meet again… Rest peacefully.

  • Nikole Neidlinger
    January 25, 2023 4:56 pm

    Glenn Matsuki is a gift to so many. His soft spoken presence and wisdom and the way he carries himself has impacted the masses. He will be remembered for all of the lives he’s touched. Thank you for all you do, Glenn.

  • Colleen Devaney
    January 28, 2023 8:15 pm

    Glenn – your presence on this plane will be sorely missed but your incandescent spirit lives on in those whose lives you touched. I always loved working with you on transplant projects no matter how large or small they were. Sending light and love to your family and wishing you peaceful slumber, my friend.

  • Jonna Weglowski
    January 30, 2023 6:00 am

    Glenn touched so many lives with his kindness, humor, and positive attitude. He educated us and inspired us. An amazing human is now an amazing spirit. RIP Glenn. I will miss you.

  • Glenn was a dear friend and colleague who we have had the privilege of knowing for many years. Glenn was a beacon of hope and his infectious smile and laugh will be greatly missed. His inspiration has touched the hearts of so many people. I will miss our times together talking and laughing about the similarities of our childhood and families and growing up in a Japanese community. The world will never be the same without you. Thank you my brother and my dear friend for making our lives richer through your presence. We are two of the very fortunate to have known you for so many years. You will be forever in our hearts.

    Tom and Laurie Nakagawa

  • I first met Glenn at LAC-USC when he was assigned to us as our liaison. He was such a tremendous wealth of knowledge and hard worker! However, what set him apart was his kind, gentle spirit. There was not one person I know that ever had issues with him. He rapidly became a friend and I am so lucky to be able to call him that. He will always be my example of how to be a good person. It’s funny how everyone who hears Glenn’s name gets a smile on their face!
    You definitely left this world a better place! Will miss you!

  • Glenn was saved by a hero, then dedicated his life to the field…to be a hero. The passion never faded and he will continue to affect every transplant recipient in some way, shape, or form. I will miss you, my friend!

  • Jan Morgan Owen
    February 21, 2023 3:10 pm

    I am so sad to read about Glenn. I met him when we both worked in Organ Donation, as Hospital Coordinators, he in California and me in Texas. I felt I got to know him a little more through the years as Facebook Friends. We had the organ donation passion connection and continued the friendship. For John and his family, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. Take care!


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