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Boss Introducing Black New Worker To Workmates

New Summer Team Members? The Alliance Can Assist with Their Onboarding Process


This is the season when many organizations are hiring new team members and interns.

The great challenge is helping our newest team members quickly learn the interdisciplinary nature of our work. The Alliance has several strong resources to assist in onboarding your new team members and interns this summer. These resources serve a wide audience, provide an important context, and are free or very affordable.

  • Printed Textbook and e-Book – The Alliance Foundational Perspective of Organ Donation Textbook provides a complete overview to the organ donation process, with strong case studies, terminology and other recommended resources. Comprised of 14 chapters and contributions from 23 authors and editors, it provides a robust perspective on the donation and transplantation continuum. You can purchase it now on Amazon
  • OnBoardingU – The Alliance Foundational Perspectives of Organ Transplantation is a series of online learning modules designed to supplement a transplant center’s existing employee orientation program. By providing staff with expertly-developed content, this orientation tool creates an understanding of the roles and interconnected responsibilities of the multidisciplinary transplant team.
  • The Alliance Saving and Healing Lives Training Video is a half-hour on-demand training video that provides a brief introduction to the organ donation process for healthcare students and professionals across the community of practice. After watching the video in its entirety, the intern can click the button below to complete the assessment.
  • The Alliance Terminology and Data References is a cost-free online reference glossary of commonly used terminology, abbreviations and data references in the donation and transplantation field.

Enjoy the summer experience as new energy joins our mission!

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