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The Alliance Evolves Strategic Positioning to ‘Equip a Modern Profession of Lifesavers’


This week, The Alliance launched a refreshed website homepage, designed to spotlight key initiatives and upcoming learning opportunities. This effort represents an ongoing strategic initiative to enhance The Alliance digital experience, following the launch of the integrated Community Portal in late 2022. Extending The Alliance brand across all digital platforms, this new look reflects a boldness to assert The Alliance as a leading resource for critical topics.

In addition, The Alliance rolled out an evolved positioning within the donation and transplantation community of practice, based on critical input from the board of directors and key stakeholders.

“This is a pivotal period in our community of practice,” said Corey Bryant, Senior Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives for The Alliance. “With this in mind, we have evolved our tagline from ‘Leadership and Engaged Learning in Organ Donation & Transplantation’ to ‘Equipping a Modern Profession of Lifesavers in Organ Donation and Transplantation.’ This transition is intended to present greater clarity about our mission as we focus on effective practices in the future.”

The Alliance is committed to being a trusted partner to help colleagues navigate changes and opportunities moving forward.

Our Brand Narrative

The Alliance brand narrative defines who we are, what we do and how we do it. It demonstrates the heart of our mission, vision and value, and affirms our position as we serve the entire donation and transplantation continuum.

Our urgency is driven by thousands of people in need.
To generate lifesaving results better, faster, and more cost-effectively, we must work together.
Reaching across the healthcare continuum to harness passion, insights and expertise.

With a laser focus on sharing effective practices, we intend to maintain an objective and unbiased perspective.
Data-driven insights guide advancements to improve patient safety, equity and transparency.

Like many transformative ideas, our concept emerged on the back of a napkin.
All parties sharing one table in collaborative ideation,
Powering synergy, sparking innovation and turning discoveries into solutions.
Accelerating change for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Through targeted learning solutions and collective knowledge exchange,
With a curated learning portfolio, we equip a modern profession of lifesavers.

Adoption of quality improvement methods decreases variation and optimizes the broader system.
Together, we empower heroes who restore hope, embolden legacies and secure futures.

We listen. We respond quickly.
We continue the conversation beyond periodic events, fueling sustained professional growth and cultivating stronger partnerships.  Nurturing partnerships.  More effective partnerships.

Online or on-the-go, scalable solutions extend our reach to team members beyond our boundaries.
We align the organ donation and transplantation continuum in a resolute pursuit for advancement.

Advancing our profession.
Advancing partnerships.
Advancing each other.
Advancing life.
Advancing ALL.

The Alliance.

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