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The Alliance Leads in Preparing Faculty Experts to Deliver Virtual Presentations


As a leader in online continuing education delivery in healthcare, The Organ Donation & Transplantation Alliance emphasizes faculty expert preparation by providing training and technical coaching to improve their effectiveness with virtual environments.

“Today, most healthcare leaders are engaged in a virtual environment; however, reviewing the critical keys to success prior to a live session makes a tremendous difference in the level of professionalism and the final delivery,” said Karri Hobson-Pape, executive director. “This preparation significantly impacts the quality of our 25+ annual Advancement Series live webinar programs on emerging issues, our Conversation Series focused on effective practices, and our extensive library of on-demand webinars.”

All faculty who present online educational programs for The Alliance have access to the resources and coaching sessions. The coaching covers the basics, including:

  • Internet connection and speed testing
  • Lighting best practices and light resource options
  • Webcam video quality and resource options
  • Environmental best practices
  • Pros and cons to virtual backgrounds
  • Audio quality and resources options
  • Screen framing, video composition and appropriate camera positioning
  • Slide progression options
  • Wardrobe recommendations
  • Common unflattering or distracting behaviors when presenting virtually
  • Virtual event “tech rehearsals”

Patti Niles, president and CEO of Southwest Transplant Alliance and Alliance board member, recently attended a virtual presentation coaching session. “The Alliance has specialized in virtual learning for more than 15 years,” Niles shared. “As a result, they can leverage expertise and evolving technology into helping presenters deliver world-class learning experiences for the community of practice.  This is a point of distinction for The Alliance.”

In addition to training speakers to be effective online presenters, The Alliance methodology provides appropriate time for preparation, defined learning objectives and “pro tips” for engaging with program participants.

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