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This Giving Tuesday, Consider Supporting the Gift of Mentorship


Work life in the pandemic era has created new challenges for those in the donation and transplantation professional community, including the stress of working closely with families who are grieving in isolation, fatigue, and labor shortages. Those challenges have made participation in a peer mentorship program more important and valuable than ever for both mentees and mentors.

This Giving Tuesday, November 30, your financial contribution can directly support The Alliance’s efforts toward mentorship and professional development across the donation and transplantation professional community. The Alliance is proud to offer a broad portfolio of learning and professional development programs, including a cost-free Mentorship Program.

“Just as mentorship was crucial to the success of the leaders that emerged from our origins in the Breakthrough Collaboratives, The Alliance is committed to continuing strong mentorship programs for future generations of donation and transplantation professionals, including through The Alliance Mentorship Program,” said Karri Hobson-Pape, Executive Director of The Alliance. “Your Giving Tuesday contributions directly support our ability to provide sustainable programs for our community’s long-term success.”

As a special thanks for donations of $150 or more during the week of November 30, Hobson-Pape will personally purchase and send contributors a copy of The Alliance Organ Donation Exploratory Seminar textbook. This outstanding resource is authored by more than 25 multidisciplinary healthcare experts, and offers insight on the history of organ donation, legal perspectives, family dynamics, clinical considerations and more.

Visit our Giving Tuesday page to learn more.

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