The Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance activates the “All Teach, All Learn” approach by exchanging collective expertise across the healthcare continuum and by developing relevant, targeted and scalable learning solutions, in the bold pursuit to save and heal lives.

Professional Partnership Benefits

2022 Professional Partnership Benefits

2021 Annual Report

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To learn more about the valuable programs and services that we provide, we encourage you to take a look at our 2021 Annual Report.

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2021 Corporate Partner Benefits

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Give the gift of mentorship this holiday. Work life in the pandemic era has created new challenges for professionals in the donation and transplantation community, including the stress of working closely with families who are grieving in isolation, fatigue, and labor shortages. Those challenges have made participation in a mentorship program more important and valuable than ever for both mentees and mentors. Your contributions can directly support our efforts toward mentorship and professional development across the donation and transplantation professional community.

The Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance is a registered 501(c)3 organization.
All contributions are tax-deductible.


Our Thanks to You!

With a donation of $150 or more, our Executive Director will personally purchase and send you a copy of The Alliance Organ Donation Exploratory Seminar textbook. This outstanding resource is authored by more than 25 multidisciplinary healthcare experts, and offers insight on the history of organ donation, legal perspectives, family dynamics, clinical considerations and more.

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About The Alliance Mentorship Program

The Alliance Mentorship Program engages experienced donation and transplantation professionals to connect with individuals who are new to their transplant career or role, and support them as they immerse themselves in this lifesaving community. The goal of this program is to establish a network of peer support to inspire, encourage and pave the way to career success and longevity in a high-stakes career field. Nearly 500 people have participated in the Alliance’s cost-free mentorship program since it began in 2017. While offered as a cost-free program, the administrative cost of establishing a mentorship connection is approximately $150. Your contributions directly support the growth and development of this valuable program.

Deanna Fenton

“It can be extremely helpful to connect with others who know first-hand what you’re going through and can provide additional educational resources to navigate these challenges and build resiliency during this challenging time. People who enroll in the Mentorship program will benefit from training that’s relevant to the current climate of the donation and transplantation field.”

DEANNA FENTON – Program Manager, The Alliance

Sandy Kirchner

The Alliance brings all the perspectives of people who have deep experience and knowledge, who are willing to share and willing to listen and work to get things better. And that’s the whole point, to make it work better, get more patients transplanted, take better care of our donor families, and immerse our field with new ideas.

KEVIN MYER, MSHA, – President & CEO, LifeGift; 2021 Alliance Board Chair