Foundational Perspectives

of Organ Donation

Foundational Perspectives of Organ Donation (formally Exploratory Seminar) is an interactive course designed to broadly examine the comprehensive donation and transplantation process for the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

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NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: The textbook on which this course is based, Foundational Perspectives of Organ Donation, is now available on Amazon. Now in its third edition, this publication is an anthology of essays written by renowned experts – intensivists, healthcare professionals, legal practitioners, communications experts and donor families – providing the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the field of donation and transplantation, as well as stimulating insightful conversation and critical thinking.

Foundational Perspectives of Organ Donation Course

Essential Organ Donation Education for Healthcare Professionals


The Alliance Foundational Perspectives of Organ Donation is an interactive course, developed and delivered by field experts, to broadly examine the comprehensive donation process for the multidisciplinary healthcare team – especially early-career critical care providers, residents, fellows, nurses, respiratory therapists, advanced clinicians and early-career OPO professionals.

This full-day course introduces the clinical, legal and administrative considerations of organ donation, synergistic healthcare partnerships and patient family dynamics. It’s an ideal educational opportunity for clinicians and frontline healthcare team members, creating shared understanding of the complex and interconnected logistics of organ donation and bolstering effective practices in hospitals where donation occurs.

Chief Faculty

Michetti RoundChristopher Michetti, MD, FACS, FCCM
Trauma Medical Director
Inova Fairfax Hospital, VA

Henderson RoundGalen Henderson, MD, FNCS
Director, Neurocritical Care
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, MA

Course Details

Jose Fugaro

“Few moments in healthcare make such a significant impact as organ donation. Ironically, training in this process is woefully lacking in medical education at all levels. This course places all of that information in one digestible location.”

JOSEPH FUGARO, MD, FCCP – Critical Care Intensivist, Saint Francis Healthcare

Sandy Kirchner

“Traditional training for clinical professionals and residents provides little to no preparation on donor management or how to have tough conversations with family members. This course can benefit providers who are new to managing donor patients and refresh even those who are most comfortable with it.”

SANDY KIRCHNER, MSN, APRN – Nurse Practitioner, Trauma; Bryan Health

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