The Alliance National Critical Issues Forum is a biennial event which convenes current and emerging hospital system, transplant, OPO, and physician/surgical leaders to convene for a collaborative discussion, identifying strategies for increasing organ donation and transplantation.

National Critical Issues Forum 2020

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November 16-17, 2020

2020 brought tremendous changes in donation and transplantation. The National Critical Issues Forum, “Destination Thinking,” will examine strategies to craft plans for the future, to capitalize on changes in the field and to cultivate more effective partnerships among hospitals, OPOs and transplant programs – ultimately saving more lives.

Together, we’ll examine high-performing organizations across the organ donation and transplantation continuum and the unique tactics that gave way to their success. Participants will take part in collaborative Success Lab breakout sessions, brainstorming innovative solutions for key operational, financial and partnership-related issues. After the success labs, specific issues will be identified to guide on-going collaboration and work plans.

Interactive Success Labs

Success Labs are “power hour” collaborative brainstorming sessions. Participants of multidisciplinary backgrounds are invited to take part in an intensive discussion of operational, financial and relationship challenges across the field of donation and transplantation. Through facilitated discussion and collective ideation, we’ll identify a series of potential solutions to key issues and report findings for discussion among the full audience.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Improving identification of “beyond criteria” potential donors
  • Increasing and optimizing organ utilization to enhance economic performance
  • Implementing effective distribution of organs for transplant
  • Analyzing critical data for optimum decision making
  • Adapting to environmental and cultural change to facilitate effective growth

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