The Alliance National Critical Issues Forum is a biennial event which convenes current and emerging hospital system, transplant, OPO, and physician/surgical leaders to convene for a collaborative discussion, identifying strategies for increasing organ donation and transplantation.

National Critical Issues Forum 2018

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Innovation In Action

Novemeber 1-2, 2018

In 2018, The Alliance hosted their second National Critical Issues Forum. This year’s theme was “Innovation-in-Action.” The primary goal of this dynamic and interactive event was to spur novel ideas and actions to increase organ utilization and transplantation. Innovative methodology, high impact interventions to enhance critical phases of organ utilization, such as behavioral economics, OPO & transplant center practices, transportation logistics, and organizational culture were identified.


At the forum, three idea labs were hosted. Participants attended their idea labs of choice and engaged in problem identification and ideation of solutions as each topic pertains to increasing organ donation, utilization and transplantation:

  1. Expedited and effective communication of information
  2. Utilizing data analytics and improving systems utilization to increase organ acceptance
  3. Using technology and systems to overcome barriers to transplantation and improve upon logistics

Design thinking was utilized to keep the flow of ideas and solutions fast-paced and actionable. Below are the top three solutions identified for each idea lab.

Idea Labs

The Idea Lab #1: Expedited and effective communication of information

  1. Incorporate an instant messenger tool between OPO and transplant center through DonorNet to allow for 2-way communication and accountability.
  2. Develop a platform, such as an app, that can be used to document all communications and patient information in real time. This platform could be used by all the hospital, OPO, transplant center and the donor’s family and would provide consistency in communication and sharing of information.
  3. Talk to leaders from other industries to identify the best methods for connecting disparate systems.

This Year’s Sponsors

We continue to be grateful for the support of our partners, who are committed to our mission to collaborate, share and advance the field by exchanging collective expertise across all 3 estates, actively exploring critical topics and developing relevant, targeted and scalable learning solutions, on a resolute pursuit to save and heal lives.

We are especially grateful to the following sponsors for their steadfast support and generosity.

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