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In the context of the SRTR metrics, a donor is typically defined as an authorized donor from whom at least one organ (heart, intestine, kidney, liver, lung, or pancreas) was procured for the purpose of transplant. Not all authorized donors become actual donors due to complications that arise during the process or medical findings made during the donation procedure that preclude donation, such as active cancer.

A person from whom at least one organ was recovered with the intent to transplant, regardless of whether the organ was transplanted
(Alliance Terminology & Data Resources May 2021)

Someone from whom at least one organ or tissue is recovered for the purpose of transplantation. A deceased donor is a patient who has been declared dead using either brain death or cardiac death criteria, from whom at least onevascularized solid organ is recovered for the purpose of organ transplantation. A living donor is one who donates an organ or segment of an organ for the intent of transplantation.
(OPTN Glossary May 2021, OPTN Bylaws Definitions, December 2020)