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The Alliance insight series offers critical resources for stakeholders across the donation and transplantation continuum. For each topic, you can find related action items, tools, and references.

The Alliance Insight Series

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The Transplant Quality Corner

The Transplant Quality Corner offers a series of publications that focus on the latest metrics, data collection and monitoring methods for improving transplant center outcomes. Each issue includes an executive summary, background Information, essential tools, action items to implement, references and resources that can be downloaded as a one-page summary document.

The Transplant Quality Corner

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The Executive Insight Series

The Alliance Executive Insight Series is a publication of semi-annual onepage issues that focus on topics relevant to healthcare senior executives. Each issue is accompanied by resources, tools and videos in which field experts offer expanded insights. This collection is published as a tool to engage executive senior leaders in donation and transplantation-related information. The publication offers two tracks:

  • Hospital Executive Insights: topics for leaders of hospitals where donation occurs
  • Transplant Executive Insights: topics for senior leaders of transplant

Hospital Executive Insight Series

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Transplant Executive Insight Series

Latest Issues

The Spotlight Series

The Alliance Spotlight Series (Formerly The Education Corner) is a monthly one-page publication for front-line healthcare professionals, offering quick-takes on critical topics affecting the field of organ donation and transplantation. Emerging topics in 2020 have included DCD heart recoveries, continuous organ distribution systems, COVID-19 related issues, end-of-life conversations and more. The Alliance distributes this publication to more than 19,000 digital content subscribers each month.

Spotlight Series

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