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Brianna Doby

Consultant/OPO Community
Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
Brianna Doby

Brief Bio

Brianna Doby works for the NIH-funded HOPE (HIV Organ Policy Equity) in Action study at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Brianna is the Donation Community Consultant on the study team and supports organ procurement organizations in all aspects of HIV+ transplantation and donation, from donor registration to family approach to public education.

Current Involvement: Presenter

Alliance Presentations

Jan 2020 GC Webinar

Recovering Organs Under the HOPE Act: Procurement Challenges, Solutions, and Strategies to Maximize Donors

Tuesday, January 14, 2020, at 2:00pm

Is HIV an automatic rule-out for donation? Not necessarily! A disease that was once considered a death sentence and, therefore, an automatic exclusion for organ donation can now make a world of difference for potential transplant recipients living with HIV. Focusing on the procurement phase, this webinar will explore best practices for identifying and managing HIV+ donors, and provide guidelines for navigating the authorization, allocation, and recovery processes.

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