Clint Hostetler

Chief Operating Officer
LifeShare Network

Brief Bio

Clint Hostetler is the Chief Operating Officer at LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma. He is responsible for developing the strategic vision for, and day to day activities of, organ and tissue recovery and perfusion at LifeShare.

He received his Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Western Michigan University and his Master’s in Healthcare Administration through Oklahoma State University. He practiced critical care nursing, where he developed his passion for donation and transplantation. He has many years of experience in a variety of clinical and leadership roles within organ procurement organizations. He is innovative in his approach to solving problems and bringing key stakeholders together to design solutions that improves organ donation and utilization.

Primary Areas of Expertise Procurement

Alliance Presentations

4.4.23 DonationCenter 476129113

Honoring the Gift Through Donor Care Units: Exploring the Pros and Cons of Different Models

Tuesday, April 04, 2023, at 2:00pm

Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) are exploring the best approach to developing a Donor Care Unit (DCU) within their service areas to improve organ viability, increase the number of organs recovered per donor, and provide better care of the donor and the donor’s family. Over the course of this discussion, we will welcome three OPOs who will share their experiences as it relates to the implementation of their DCUs and their improved outcomes.

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