Cynthia Stephen-Gow

Business Intelligence
Data Consultant
Patient Group: Adult, Pediatric & Neonatal
Areas of Practice: Procurement

Brief Bio

Cynthia is the Business Intelligence Analyst/Manager at LifeGift. From several visualizations and presentations in oil and gas -from Lagos to Houston – she has worked on a wide variety of projects of varying sizes. Obtained her degree in Administration in 2003, Her previous experience also includes roles as Data consultant, Report Writer, Sql Developer with various certifications in required skills, Cynthia transitioned to the data world 8 years ago, and is passionate about the work we do at LifeGift.

Connections to the Cause

Alliance Involvement Years Involved: 0
Current Involvement: Presenter, Workgroup - Conversation Series

Alliance Presentations

Business Analytics Intelligence Concept, Financial Charts To Analyze Profit And Finance Performance Of Company

Business Intelligence: Creating CMS Final Rule Insights for the OPO from Predictive Data

Thursday, October 07, 2021, at 2:00pm

The Alliance Conversation Series brings you cost-free, fast-paced collaborative opportunities that highlight successful donation and transplantation practices across the country. Through shared insight, multidisciplinary experts identify solutions to critical challenges affecting the community of practice and actively share them for open discussion and broader knowledge of effective practices.

Sessions are designed to be approximately 30-45 minutes in length and encourage real-time feedback and participation from viewers.

Overview: This session will discuss how LifeGift has adopted the new rule by utilizing data to create more decisive insights. We will demonstrate examples of the new metrics and how the OPO can surpass final rule benchmarks. We will examine the importance of data insights, data input, and improving documentation practices and their importance to the future of donation and transplantation.

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