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David Mulligan

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I have enjoyed an amazing career thus far in solid organ transplantation after residencies in both Urologic and General Surgery followed by a American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) approved multiorgan transplant surgical fellowship at Baylor University in Dallas, TX under Dr. Goran Klintmalm. I received extensive experience in liver, kidney and pancreas transplantation and carried that through a 15 year project to build one of the highest quality and largest transplant centers in the country at Mayo Clinic Arizona from no program and a brand new team to over 3200 solid organ transplants covering kidney, pancreas, liver (adult and pediatric), heart and a business plan for lung transplantation. I was fortunate to direct all these services while continuing to perform the abdominal transplants, hepatic and pancreatic surgery. I was recruited to Yale University to transform a team with amazing research and small to medium size volume into one with outstanding outcomes and growth of transplants and research, which we have been accomplishing to date. My scientific and clinical research covers a broad array from basic science studies of ischemia/reperfusion injury and genomics of chronic allograft nephropathy to clinical modulation of immunosuppression to improve and extend organ function. I have established a lab with a team of PhD researchers under the direction of Greg Tietjen to utilize ex-vivo machine perfusion to evaluate and improve donor organ quality for kidney and liver transplantation. I have extensive experience in living donation, especially, living donor liver transplantation, and have not only performed more than 200 living donor hepatectomies, but published our experiences and opinions. As a leader, I have the privilege of working in multiple roles within the ASTS, AASLD, AST, and UNOS/OPTN. My most current roles being the Chair of the Business Practice Services Committee of the ASTS, Councilor-at-Large on the Board of Governors of the AASLD, Chair of the Advisory Committee on Transplantation to the Secretary of HHS, and President-elect of UNOS/OPTN.

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