J. Javier Provencio

University of Virginia
J Javier Provencio

Brief Bio

Dr. Provencio received his medical degree at Penn State University College of Medicine followed by training in Neurology, Internal Medicine, Medical Critical Care and Neurocritical Care at the University of Virginia. He is the Medical Director of Nerancy Neuroscience ICU and a researcher in acute brain injuries in the Center for Brain Immunology and Glia (BIG Center) in the Department of Neuroscience. His special interests include the inflammatory consequences of acute brain injuries, cognitive dysfunction after acute brain injuries, and education of medical personnel in the appropriate diagnosis of Death by Neurological Criteria (Brain Death).

Alliance Presentations

Brain Death Declaration

Brain Death Declaration: Better Quality and Uniformity – The Physician’s Perspective

Wednesday, November 04, 2020, at 2:00pm

Brain Death Declaration often presents challenges for healthcare providers as it is a diagnosis that requires the utmost accuracy and urgency, especially when evaluating the possibility of organ procurement for transplantation. The goal of this webinar is to prepare physicians to accurately and consistently declare brain death through the uniform application of the American Academy of Neurology Practice Parameters and to educate critical care personnel who assist in or observe the process. Join us to hear from three leading experts as they highlight unique case studies, techniques, and effective communication strategies.

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