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Katie McKee

Hospital Partnership, Donor Family Aftercare
Katie McKee
Areas of Practice: Procurement

Brief Bio

Katie McKee serves as the hospital development and donor family aftercare manager as part of the strong leadership team at LifeSource. She leads a team of hospital liaisons and coordinators as they build relationships and pave the way for donation with our 280 hospital partners, and a team of donor family advocates, who care for families and help honor their loved ones’ legacy of generosity through donation. Her role is a hybrid of program management, strategic and operational leadership in LifeSource and hospital settings, and relationship building.

Katie joined the donation and transplantation community in the time of the National Learning Congresses, serving as administrator for the Mayo Clinic abdominal transplant programs. It was a tremendous opportunity to work with our OPO and donor hospital colleagues to advance donation and transplantation and she was amazed by the power of collaboration in this community. She and her colleagues were aligning practices across the three Mayo sites as so many were working to align national processes to save more lives through donation.

Prior to joining the community of donation and transplantation, Katie worked in hospital administration and quality at the Mayo Clinic.

Connections to the Cause

Donor Family, Living Donor

The Alliance is an inspiring leadership model for collaboration and community advancement at their best. The connections the Alliance fosters and promotes strengthen the community of donation and transplantation. The tools and education the Alliance develops and broadly shares are extremely relevant to the each part of the community. My team and I reference them often and share them especially with hospital partners on a regular basis.

Past Involvement: National Donation Leadership Council
Current Involvement: National Donation Leadership Council, Planning Committee - National Donor Management Summit, Presenter, Workgroup - Conversation Series

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