Shela Stovall

Director of Family Care
LifeGift Organ Donation Center

Brief Bio

Shela Stovall is the Director of Family Care at LifeGift. She provides oversight of the authorization process to all staff conducting donation conversations through the development of a consistent family care process, including cultural competence, grief support and supportive care. She has a passion for fulfilling LifeGift’s mission of offering hope and is recognized for her ability to work on multidisciplinary teams to exceed organizational goals.
Shela holds a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice with an emphasis in forensics and a master’s of science in management and leadership.
Prior to joining LifeGift, Shela served as a manager with a focus on optimizing clinical outcomes through medical equipment management. Shela also worked as a forensic analyst for Southeast Texas applied science willed body program.
Shela has served as a speaker and panelist at symposiums/conferences with a focus on family supportive care and authorization. She also has served as a member and co-lead for webinars on Association of Organ Procurement Organization’s (AOPO) Donor Services Family Council.

Area(s) of Focus Family Care

Patient Group: Adult, Pediatric & Neonatal
Areas of Practice: Procurement

Connections to the Cause


Alliance Presentations

Group Of Doctors In An Impromptu Meeting

The Donation Conversation as a Process: How Research and Experience Can Be Used to Develop Evidence-Based Standards of Practice

Tuesday, January 10, 2023, at 2:00pm

This webinar will highlight the impact of referral timing and assessing family readiness to make a donation decision. We will review the donation conversation in relation to evidence-based research. Experiential-based practices will be compared and contrasted to prompt group discussion in examining what OPOs have learned from research, where improvements can be made and where more research can offer benefit to both potential donor families and recipients. Ways of implementing evidence-based and standards of practice into organizational processes will be discussed along with how OPOs and hospital staff may best work together to support mutually familiar and understood standards of practice to assure every potential donor family has the opportunity to make a timely and fully informed donation decision.

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