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Suzanne Queheillalt

Clinical Nurse Specialist
University of Virginia Health System
Suzanne Queheillalt
Patient Group: Adult, Pediatric & Neonatal
Areas of Practice: In-patient, Living Donation, Post-transplant, Pre-Transplant

Brief Bio

My experience with the solid organ transplant (SOT) population spans over a 12 year nursing career. It began at the bedside and has evolved into a service line based transplant clinical nurse specialist. I work closely with the multidisciplinary team to assess patient needs and utilization of evidence based practice to improve outcomes. I also work closely with quality initiatives including policy and procedure development and at the systems level to impact opportunities for improvement for patients, nursing and the organization. I have presented on transplant specific content both locally and nationally on an array of topics including but not limited to, patient teaching, medical care, and medication management as well as professional issues in transplantation. I have also developed patient education materials and staff education materials specific to SOT.

Connections to the Cause

Candidate, Caregiver, Living Donor, Recipient

Alliance Involvement Years Involved: 2018
Past Involvement: Alliance Ambassadors
Current Involvement: Alliance Ambassadors

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