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Kim Feagin

Manager, Clinical Applications
Infirmary Health
The Tale of Two Siblings-in-Love

My story involves a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law. I say siblings-in-love because they were/are more like siblings than in-laws. My brother-in-law received a lung transplant April 5, 2008; my sister-in-law received a kidney transplant in Aug 2007. We are fortunate that my brother-in-law was allowed almost another 7 years to make memories as he passed in Feb 2015. My sister-in-law is still making memories but is on the transplant list again. Her daughter has the same kidney disease she does and is currently on dialysis waiting for the time to be right for going on the transplant list. My entire family is so thankful for the sacrifice and gift the donor families so selflessly gave.