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Leesha Johnson

Leesha Johnson

Community Outreach Manager
The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland
Tough Runner

In April of 2013 while competing in West Virginia at Tough Mudder, having the time of my life, I had an accident. While running to the next obstacle course I slipped on a rock and fell about 10 feet downhill. As I was tumbling down the hill, all I could think of was injuring myself to the point of no return. After the fall I was amazed to sit up and realize I was unharmed… or so I thought. During the race, I tried to make my way over a wall and realized I couldn’t move my left hand. I still didn’t think too much of it. A broken bone can’t be that bad right? At this point I knew I couldn’t finish the last few obstacle courses, however, I finished with my team and crossed the finish line. After the race was over I headed to the nearest ER. After my X-Ray, the doctor informed me that my bone was broken not because of my fall but because I had what seemed to be a tumor growing in my bone and I would need to seek further medical attention. Soon after, I followed up with a specialist to find out the diagnosis could be cancer and the tumor would have to be taken out. Thankfully after undergoing surgery, we found out the tumor was benign. I’m forever grateful to my donor and their family who graciously said yes to tissue donation. If it wasn’t for my donor I would have had to have another surgery to remove bone from my thigh to replace the bone that had to be removed from my hand. God bless you – I think of you every time I run!