Inspirational videos sharing stories of donor families and organ transplant recipients from across the country are a hallmark of The Alliance Signature Events. Sharing these touching stories helps our professional community to stay centered in our collective mission and purpose.

Talk Donation: Dr. Thomas Wyatt

The Face of Nora Rose

Izzy and Skyler – Living Kidney Donation

Connecting to Purpose with LifeCenter Northwest

OneLegacy: Change of Heart – Vinnie Brooks

Gift of Life Michigan: Zahraa Alasadi’s Story

Gift of Life Michigan: Mike Love’s Transplant Journey

Stories of Living On – Michael

Life After Loss: Anthony’s Story

Religion and Organ Donation

Glenn Matsuki’s Transplant Journey

Brittany Clayborne: Heart Transplant Recipient

Gift of Life Michigan: Mohamed El-Souri’s Transplant Journey

Let’s Talk / Hablemos: Aimee Cruz, liver recipient

Donate Life Arizona: Melissa Celis’ Story

Gift of Life Donor Program: Onyi Kenine’s Story

OneLegacy: Change of Heart – Paulina Guevara

Tay Tay Tough – Remembering Tayzli Hale

The Millspaughs — Honoring Cassia

OneLegacy: Recipient Meets Donor Family

DonorConnect: Kenzie’s Lemonade Stand