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The Alliance inspires those who will collaborate, share and develop by engaging in discussions with leaders across the entire community of practice, active exploration of pressing issues and engaged education, on a resolute pursuit to save and heal lives.

The Alliance Advancement Learning Series

Set Yourself Up for Success

Exploratory Seminar
A Comprehensive Course for the Multidisciplinary Healthcare Team

Foundational Perspectives of Organ Donation

The Alliance Organ Donation and Transplantation Foundational Perspectives of Organ Donation is an interactive course designed to broadly examine the comprehensive donation and transplantation process for the multidisciplinary healthcare team. This course introduces the clinical and legal considerations of donation and transplantation, administrative processes, family care and dynamics of synergistic healthcare partnerships.

Onboarding Modules
Foundational Perspectives of Organ Transplantation

Onboarding U

OnboardingU / Foundational Perspectives of Organ Transplantation is a series of online modules designed to supplement a transplant center’s existing employee orientation program. By providing staff with expertly-developed content, OnboardingU creates understanding of the roles and interconnected responsibilities of the multidisciplinary team. Each interactive half-hour module may be completed for CEPTC and/or nursing credit. For one affordable subscription fee, each user gains unlimited access to the entire library of modules for a twelve-month period.

An Introduction to the Organ Donation Process

Training Video

The Alliance Saving and Healing Lives Training Video is a half-hour on-demand training video that provides a brief introduction to the organ donation process for healthcare students and professionals across the community of practice. The curriculum follows the course of patient care from declaration of death through family support and the donation discussion, followed by support of donor management and surgical recovery of organs for transplant. This program is available to the community at no cost and awards CEPTC and CME credits upon completion.

Collaborative Events Offering Insights & Solutions from Around the Nation

Happening Each Month

Conversation Series

The Alliance Conversation Series is a cost-free, fast-paced collaborative opportunity that highlights successful donation and transplantation practices across the country. Through shared insight, multidisciplinary experts identify solutions to critical challenges affecting the community of practice. Professionals are invited to participate in real-time Q&A, or watch on-demand at no cost through The Alliance YouTube channel.

Conversation Series
May 24 – 25, 2023

National Pediatric Donation & Transplantation Summit

Join the country’s leading experts, including pediatric specialists, intensivists, organ recovery professionals, transplant surgeons and more, as we explore the current state of organ donation and transplantation in pediatrics. Areas of focus will include determination of death laws, approach and authorization strategies, ethical considerations, donor management, DCD, transplant outcomes, and other unique opportunities and applications for pediatric patients.

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September 12-13, 2023 | Midwest Transplant Network – Kansas City, MO

National Critical Issues Forum: Logistics & Reducing Organ Loss

In the constantly evolving field of organ donation and transplantation, disruption leads to critical changes affecting the matching and transportation of organs across longer distances while mitigating extensive logistical factors. This two-day multidisciplinary summit will focus on the diverse aspects of organ transportation, as well as other logistical components which are critical to optimizing the number of transplantable organs and reducing organs that go untransplanted.

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Lead, Share, Partner With Us

The Alliance is made up of teams of talented and passionate individuals who are actively committed to the exploration of critical topics, insights and best practices. Together we work to save and heal lives through a consistent and enduring investment in advancement and in each other. Please join our team of professionals and experts. We’re stronger and better together.