Glossary Term

Regional Associate Councillor


Regions elect an Associate Councillor who wil eventualy succeed the Regional Councilor. Each region determines the guidelines for the election procedures. Councillors and Associate Councillors serve one to two years and cannot succeed themselves in office. The Associate Councillor serves as the regional representative on the OPTN Membership and Professional Standards Committee, assists the Regional Councillor with regional activities, provides leadership to the region in the absence of the Regional Councillor and participates in all regional meetings. The Associate Councillor may attend the Board of Directors meeting in the Regional Councillor’s absence to participate in discussions and represent the regional views. However, Associate Councillors may not vote on behalf of Councillors. (OPTN Glossary May 2021)

Councillors serve as each region’s representative on the Board of Directors. The councillor from each region is responsible, along with the president and the Executive Director, for coordinating regional activities to transact the business of the OPTN. (OPTN Bylaws Definitions, December 2020)