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Amy Weisgerber

In-House Coordinator
Center for Organ Recovery & Education
Amy Weisgerber

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Amy Weisgerber is CORE’s In-House Coordinator at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital. Prior to joining CORE in 2009, Amy worked as a Donation Clinical Specialist at LifeGift in Houston, TX and is a graduate of the Human Donation Science program in Toledo, Ohio.

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From Potholes to Pavement: Driving DCD Performance Through Specialized Hospital Team

Thursday, December 10, 2020, at 2:00pm

UPMC Presbyterian, a high-performing donor hospital and tertiary care academic hospital, implemented a multi-phase restructuring of their DCD process. These enhanced procedures, which included a specialized on-call team of critical care physicians and ICU nurses, successfully decreased critical process deviations, improved outcomes, and increased both frequency and volume of DCD organ donation. The plan also resulted in key improvements in patient safety, hospital regulatory, and staff and donor family satisfaction.

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