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Angelique Tadeo

ORC IV Team Lead
Donor Network of Arizona

Area(s) of Focus

Organ donor management from referral through to the OR

Patient Group: Adult, Pediatric & Neonatal
Areas of Practice: Procurement

Brief Bio

My name is Angelique Tadeo. I have been an Organ Recovery Coordinator for Donor Network of Arizona for the past 7 years after working as a Trauma ICU nurse for 25 years. I am an ORC IV Team Lead which means that I not only have the opportunity to work directly with donors and donor families but I am a primary preceptor and Advisor on Call. I especially like to work with staff new to donation. After you have been in the field for a few years it is easy to forgot how very different donor management is compared to ICU nursing and I enjoy working closely with new coordinators and seeing them succeed.

Connections to the Cause

Donor Family

I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as Webinar faculty! It has been a pleasure meeting new people from across the country and stretching myself to present a webinar, while nerve-wracking, was just the professional push I needed. Thanks!

Alliance Involvement

Years Involved: 5

Current Involvement: Advancement Series - Donation Focus Faculty Workgroup

Alliance Presentations

Medical Team Discussing In The Office.

Stewarding Donation: Navigating Complex Donor Management Scenarios

Tuesday, September 14, 2021, at 2:00pm

Typical crisis planning focuses on potential challenges or events that could impact the day-t0-day operations of an organization but what about unique, uncommon circumstances that impact donor management or patient care? From pregnant donors to donor-derived infections, this webinar will explore strategies that OPO professionals should consider when faced with unique challenges that occasionally arise during the donor management process.

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