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Brendan Parent

Director, Transplant Ethics & Policy Research, Director, Sports and Society
NYU Langone Health
Brendan Parent

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Medical Team Performing Surgical Operation In Modern Operating Room

ABC’s of DCDD: The Legal Aspects of Pursuing an Authorized Donor in DCDD Cases

Thursday, June 18, 2020, at 2:00pm

Donation after Circulatory Determination of Death (DCDD) is a practice that has gained increased attention over the years. Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) are continuously exploring the best ways to facilitate DCDD, especially in cases of First-Person Authorization (FPA). This webinar will discuss the complexities associated with DCDD and how best to navigate the legalities of these cases when dealing with a registered donor. When does the UAGA take effect? How does an OPO navigate obtaining “authorization” from the legal next of kin when consent has already been given by the donor? Furthermore, when authorization is obtained, how do we determine which organs are viable for transplant? Join us to hear from two industry experts as they review DCDD in great detail and the cutting-edge practices that make thoracic organs and high-risk donors a possibility.

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