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Caitlin Stephen

Manager, Hospital & Partner Relations
Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network

Brief Bio

Caitlin Stephen is a Manager of Hospital & Partner Relations with Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network. Over the past 10 years, Caitlin has served as a Hospital Development professional – first as a donation coordinator, then supervisor and manager. Caitlin has worked within Gift of Hope’s local service area (of 180 community hospitals and trauma centers), providing ongoing support of the development and implementation of donation-related policies and best practices. She has organized events to promote organ/tissue/eye donation and conducted countless educational in-services with physician and nursing staff partners to ensure hospital compliance with CMS guidelines.

In her management role, Caitlin participated in the development and execution of Gift of Hope’s Referral Management initiative in February 2020. She currently serves as a Hospital Development Resource, supporting the HD team’s initiative of leveraging hospital partnerships and relationships to ensure a streamlined and supportive referral/approach environment for hospital partners, potential donor families and OPO staff.

Current Involvement: Presenter

Alliance Presentations

Timely Referrals P1

Authorization Strategies Part 1: Timely Referrals & Family Conversations

Tuesday, March 08, 2022, at 2:00pm

Whether it’s the hospital making a consult to their respective OPO, or an OPO initiating a conversation with a family whose loved one is eligible for organ and/or tissue donation, timing is EVERYTHING! In Part I of our authorization series, our panelists will provide an overview of some of the latest best practices that have been put into place throughout Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network’s Donation Service Area to ensure both timely referrals from hospitals and the timeliest conversations with families, which ultimately led to a record year in total number of organ donors at Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network in 2021.

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