Christy Bridwell

Hospital Services Liaison
Nevada Donor Network
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Brief Bio

Christy Bridwell is a Hospital Services Coordinator with Nevada Donor Network. The position Christy hold’s within Nevada Donor Network is working with long-term acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, neighborhood hospitals, and critical access hospitals. Christy has spent the last two years building strong relationships with staff and administrative personnel with over 20 hospitals.

Before starting with Nevada Donor Network, Christy began her healthcare career 10 years ago where she worked in different positions within the Intensive Care setting. The beginning of Christy’s road in healthcare inspired her to go back to college where she obtained her B.A. in Healthcare Administration and Master’s in Public Health. Christy truly enjoys learning and finding new ways to explore the Organ and Transplantation world. Christy enjoys finding new and innovative ways to work with her hospitals and teach them more about donation and the importance of education. In her spare time, she enjoys watching football, playing with her children while also becoming an avid gym junkie – relatively new challenge.

Alliance Presentations

5.4.23 Navigating DCD Partnership 180359695

Navigating DCD Cases: Fostering Collaborative Partnerships with Palliative Care

Thursday, July 20, 2023, at 2:00pm

Recognizing the valuable role that hospice and palliative care team members play in the donation process is critical to optimizing outcomes. However, due to the significant variation in support, OPOs are working to establish stronger, more collaborative [partnerships with their palliative care and hospice teams. How can we optimize the referral process and improve family communication to maximize donation outcomes? Join us as we explore potential strategies for OPOs to consider to effectively integrate their processes with palliative care and hospice protocols.

Attractive Meeting At Nonprofit Boardroom Group Of Employees At

Transplant Center Staff Management: FTE Workload Planning

Tuesday, November 01, 2022, at 3:00pm

In light of the recent changes to the organ allocation system, Transplant Centers are facing a significant increase in staffing and logistical challenges. As a result, Transplant Administrators are exploring innovative ways to address the current staffing shortage to ensure clinical productivity is not impacted. During this session, we will be joined by two administrators who will share methodologies they’ve implemented to effectively manage full time employees (FTEs) and balance staff workload hours based on a variety of operational metrics.

CMS Final Rule 261764309

The OPO Response to the CMS Final Rule: Proactively Preparing for the Changes

Thursday, October 27, 2022, at 2:00pm

Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) have been proactively preparing for the CMS final ruling beginning August 1st, 2022. With a focus on ICD-10 codes and a tiered system, many organizations are working towards building awareness of donation and transplantation practices within their Designated Service Areas (DSAs). With these new guidelines, OPOs are needing to find ways to hold hospitals more accountable to ensure the new CMS metrics are achieved. Over the last 20 years, select hospital staff have become more knowledgeable of the current donation model and policies, but how can OPOs begin to develop relationships with other departments within the hospital to find champions willing to assist in the growth of donation and referrals within their hospitals? During this discussion, we will review strategies identified thus far and will explore other ways to continue growing donation within a DSA.

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