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Christy Bridwell

Hospital Services Coordinator
Nevada Donor Network
NDN 021919 ChristyBridwell

Brief Bio

Christy Bridwell is a Hospital Services Coordinator with Nevada Donor Network. The position Christy hold’s within Nevada Donor Network is working with long-term acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, neighborhood hospitals, and critical access hospitals. Christy has spent the last two years building strong relationships with staff and administrative personnel with over 20 hospitals.

Before starting with Nevada Donor Network, Christy began her healthcare career 10 years ago where she worked in different positions within the Intensive Care setting. The beginning of Christy’s road in healthcare inspired her to go back to college where she obtained her B.A. in Healthcare Administration and Master’s in Public Health. Christy truly enjoys learning and finding new ways to explore the Organ and Transplantation world. Christy enjoys finding new and innovative ways to work with her hospitals and teach them more about donation and the importance of education. In her spare time, she enjoys watching football, playing with her children while also becoming an avid gym junkie – relatively new challenge.

Current Involvement: Advancement Series - Donation Focus Faculty Workgroup

Alliance Presentations

Black Surgeon Giving Instruction To Medical Team

Donor Management Snags: Overcoming Unique Challenges in the Donation Process

Tuesday, April 06, 2021, at 2:00pm

Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) and their respective recovery teams play a critical role in the evaluation, management, and organ allocation of a potential donor. Bearing in mind that all OPOs are unique given their varied resources and demographics, what trials or obstacles might they each face to bring it all to fruition? With only one kidney program in its DSA, Nevada Donor Network has its own set of challenges as it relates to kidney exports, whereas Gift of Life Michigan faces challenges related to local transplants given the number of programs within its state. Join us to hear from both OPOs as they describe challenges they’ve encountered and how they’ve overcome those obstacles to maximize each donor outcome.

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