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Pros/Cons of the Opt-In Donation System: An International Panel Discussion

Thursday, February 17, 2022, at 2:00pm

The Alliance Conversation Series brings you cost-free, fast-paced collaborative opportunities that highlight successful donation and transplantation practices across the country. Through shared insight, multidisciplinary experts identify solutions to critical challenges affecting the community of practice and actively share them for open discussion and broader knowledge of effective practices.

Sessions are designed to be approximately 30-45 minutes in length and encourage real-time feedback and participation from viewers.

Overview: There has been an increasing number of discussions about the benefits of an Opt-out vs. Opt-in organ donation system and its effects on organ donation rates. Other countries have experienced increasing donation rates; however, would the same impact materialize in the United States?

We will hear from the UK National Health Service (NHS) team to understand their rationale for adopting an opt-out system and their lessons since transitioning to a presumed consent system. The discussion will include leading experts from the United States who will provide their insights and share their opinions on both systems. Our panelist will address misunderstandings and uncertainties about both methods and assess trends in global organ donation policies, implications of cultural attitudes towards donation, and potential health disparities.

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