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Douglas Mogul

Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins University
Douglas Mogul

Brief Bio

Douglas Mogul, MD, PhD completed his training in pediatrics at Stanford University and his training in pediatric gastroenterology at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) before joining the faculty at JHU as an Assistant Professor in 2012. Dr. Mogul has experience with app development, having created a mobile app, PoopMD, that educates new parents about normal/abnormal infant stool color. PoopMD builds on research demonstrating that stool color education programs improve outcomes in biliary atresia, Dr. Mogul has been awarded a grant from the NIH to serve as a Principal Investigator on a study to improve the allocation system for pediatric liver transplantation and participates in several multi-center research studies including the NIH-funded Hepatitis B Research Network and Gilead-sponsored studies for the treatment of hepatitis C. Finally, Dr. Mogul is a co-investigator for an NIH Small Business Innovation Research grant to pilot the use of video directly observed therapy for the promotion of medication adherence in transplant recipients.

Current Involvement: Presenter

Alliance Presentations

African American Pediatrician And Small Girl With Protective Face Masks At Medical Clinic.

Leveraging Innovation and Patient Engagement in Pediatric Transplantation

Tuesday, April 27, 2021, at 3:00pm

During this webinar, we will highlight three critical areas of Pediatric Liver Transplantation that also have an impact on all organ systems. First, we will discuss a minimally invasive approach to liver donation, the associated benefits, and the relevant challenges with respect to the recovery process. We will then explore learning health networks ability to engage the patient and family voice and the overall impact they can have on post-transplant care, quality improvement, and research. Finally, we will highlight the role of technology in facilitating patient education.

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