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Felicia Wells Williams[1]

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With a career spanning nearly three decades in organ donation, Felicia Wells-Williams, MSN, RN is the Director of Clinical Services at Legacy of Life Hawaii. She began her nursing career in pediatrics, caring for children and their families. In 1994 she accepted a job as a Donation Coordinator and was drawn to the amazing families she was privileged to meet. She has led a career committed to the compassionate care of donor families and to saving and enhancing lives though organ and tissue transplantation. She leads a diverse team of professionals in Hawaii that are responsible for the full spectrum of organ and tissue procurement, from referral, authorization, management and recovery. Felicia shares, “Legacy of Life Hawaii is the smallest of the 57 OPOs, and yet we have a huge impact in the lives of the people in Hawaii and the Pacific Basin. I am honored to serve our community.”

Alliance Presentations

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Exploring Strategies to Increase Donation and Transplantation within the API Community

Thursday, May 19, 2022, at 2:00pm

The Alliance Conversation Series brings you cost-free, fast-paced collaborative opportunities that highlight successful donation and transplantation practices across the country. Through shared insight, multidisciplinary experts identify solutions to critical challenges affecting the community of practice and actively share them for open discussion and broader knowledge of effective practices.

The sessions encourage real-time feedback and participation from viewers.

Overview: There are currently 10,000 Asian and 625 Pacific Islander patients on the national transplant waitlist in need of a life-saving organ transplant. This is in large part due to the prevalence of liver disease and hepatitis, which often puts patients at risk for organ failure. In this session, we will explore the varying attitudes and behaviors of the Asian-Pacific Islander (API) community with respect to organ donation and transplantation. Our panelists will review the distinctions between the perception of organ donation across different API ethnic groups. The discussion will also highlight on real-world experiences and best practices established to increase organ donation and transplantation rates among Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.

Added Learning Opportunity (optional) We encourage you to continue with us for an optional 30-minute Breakout Session that will take place following this session at 3pm ET/2pm CT/ 1pm MT/12 pm PT. These breakout discussions will serve as a value opportunity to connect with your peers in the community in small, collaborative groups and apply lessons learned from the general session. Following the breakout session, we will reconvene with our speakers to share key insights and strategies identified.

BREAKOUT DISCUSSION: The breakout sessions will provide participants an opportunity to engage in a deeper discussion about personal biases, misconceptions, stereotypes, and barriers to donation and transplantation in the API community

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