Hope Weed

Director of Recovery Services
LifeLink of Georgia
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Brief Bio

Hope Weed is the Director of Recovery Services at LifeLink of Georgia, the Organ Procurement Organization serving the state of Georgia and two counties in South Carolina. Hope started with LifeLink of Georgia as a Transplant Coordinator in 2009 and has worked a variety of roles.

As Director, Hope leads a diverse team including Referral Coordinators, Family Care Coordinators, Transplant Coordinators, Organ Placement Coordinators, and Surgical Coordinators. She works diligently with her team to implement tactics for increasing organ donors and organs transplanted. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration at Auburn University and went on to manage a medical practice. Hope then decided several years later to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing at Mercer University. Upon graduating, she went to work as a bedside nurse at a Level 1 Trauma ICU. During this time, she collaborated with LifeLink of Georgia on multiple occasions and found her passion for donation. She went on to achieve her dream of being a flight nurse and then went to work for LifeLink to fulfill her love of donation.

Patient Group: Adult, Pediatric & Neonatal
Areas of Practice: Procurement

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