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Janice Whaley

Chief Executive Officer
Donor Network West
Janice F. Whaley Headshot

Brief Bio

Janice Whaley serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Donor Network West in San Ramon, CA, the second largest OPO in the U.S., joining the organization in January of 2019. Four months after her arrival, the organization has moved well above the national average in recovery metrics. Her leadership, advocacy and operational efforts in both the state of California as well as the nation overall serve as evidence of her passion.

Prior to assuming the Chief Executive role at Donor Network West, Whaley held leadership and clinical roles in three other OPOs, achieving similar results. From 2014-2018, Whaley served as Chief Operating Officer of LifeShare of Oklahoma, essentially doubling the number of organ donors early on in her five-year tenure. Prior to her arrival at LifeShare, Whaley attended Harvard Business School in Boston. Whaley held the role of Managing Director of Clinical Operations at LifeGift in Houston, TX from 2003-2013. While in Houston, the fourth largest U.S. city, Whaley managed the complex processes involved in working with 5 transplant centers and 24 transplant programs, leading the region to record setting numbers of donors recovered. Whaley started her career and honed her skills in organ and tissue recovery at the University of Alabama, gaining expertise in numerous arenas, including organ preservation. Whaley is dually certified in organ and tissue recovery through ABTC and the AATB, respectively.

A committed advocate for donation, Whaley has served in multiple capacities on several national boards and committees related to organ and tissue donation and recovery. Most recently, she was appointed to serve a four-year term as a member of the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ Advisory Council on Transplantation (ACOT). Whaley is a member of the Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT) and served as president in 2003. She currently serves as an elected officer on the Board of Directors for AMAT. Whaley is also a member of the North American Association of Transplant Coordinators (NATCO), the American Society of Transplantation (AST), the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) and the American Association of Tissue Banking (AATB). She was appointed by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to serve as a faculty member for the National Learning Congress (NLC) in 2012. Whaley served as the Representative for OPTN/UNOS Region 4 OPO Committee (2015 -2017).

Whaley received a Master of Public Health from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a post graduate certificate from Harvard Business School, Executive Management Program. She graduated from Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama, with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.

Current Involvement: Presenter

Alliance Presentations

Vector Concept For Business Strategy And Planning To Overcome Obstacles And Challenges To Reach A Sucess

Going from 0 to 92, How did we do it?

Tuesday, July 20, 2021, at 2:00pm

The Alliance Conversation Series brings you cost-free, fast-paced collaborative opportunities that highlight successful donation and transplantation practices across the country. Through shared insight, multidisciplinary experts identify solutions to critical challenges affecting the community of practice and actively share them for open discussion and broader knowledge of effective practices.

Sessions are designed to be approximately 30-45 minutes in length and encourage real-time feedback and participation from viewers.

Overview: Success for an OPO is measured by the volume of organs transplanted – numbers – because that means more lives saved. It is as simple as that. It is tempting to believe that there are quick fixes yet to be discovered that can make our path to success easier. The truth is simpler than that and if a laser focus is maintained on driving for, and achieving results, if competence and knowledge are nurtured, then your organization has a base upon which to build. Achieving results takes leadership, knowledge, and yes, passion, but most of all, those traits must be pared with a sound work ethic, showing up, not being timid but rather engaging the inevitable tension that accompanies our interdisciplinary work. We are here to save lives. We will talk about the nuts and bolts of key elements on our path to 92. . .

  • benchmarking and the knowledge it imparts,
  • leadership and inspiring staff,
  • the legacy of the Organ Donation Breakthrough Collaborative’ s gift to us – a Change Package that is a living, breathing roadmap to success
  • the new CMS OPO performance metrics and how they crystalize focus on numbers / mission, and
  • work: engaging tension, solving problems, seizing opportunities and never being timid in our duty to save lives.

That is what took us to the “92”.

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