Macey Levan

Associate Professor of Surgery and Population Health at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, Director, Center for Surgical and Transplant Applied Research Qualitative Core
NYU Langone Health

Brief Bio

Patient Group: Adult
Areas of Practice: In-patient, Living Donation, Outreach, Post-transplant, Pre-Transplant, Procurement

Connections to the Cause

Living Donor, Other

Testimonial Participating in the Alliance Innovation Leadership Council has given me more insight and ability to learn from, and collaborate with OPO professionals. As a transplant center person that is not a clinician, the opportunity for diverse perspectives on the procurement side is helpful. Not only does it improve my ability to ask and answer important questions, but provides me the ability to give back with my skills and talents in research, education, and program development.

Alliance Presentations

CovidVaccinations 408140131

COVID Vaccines & Transplantation: Where Are We Now?

Wednesday, November 30, 2022, at 2:00pm

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, all US citizens were encouraged to maximize protection efforts by getting all recommended vaccine doses and boosters, but there was concern about how the vaccine would affect the immunocompromised. For example, are there any special considerations for transplant recipients? During this webinar, we will welcome experts from Johns Hopkins and NYU Langone who will discuss the varying practices across the country and review what the outcome data shows thus far. Additionally, our panelists will discuss the impact of the new variants of COVID-19 on vaccine recommendations and monoclonal antibody associated immunoprotection.

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