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The Alliance is proud of its dedicated “A-Team” of more than 175 professional volunteers, including healthcare, organ donation and transplantation professionals from diverse disciplines and levels of leadership. Together, they give their time, service and expertise to equip a modern profession of lifesavers.

National Donation Leadership Council

The Donation Leadership Council will work to develop and provide resources and education to improve and advance the organ donation process. The council will support hospital and donation professionals’ efforts in the sharing of knowledge, data and successful practices as it relates to identification of potential donors, family support and communication, and optimizing the availability of organs for transplantation.

Current Members

Dominic Adorno
Dominic Adorno
Vice President, Clinical Operations |DonorConnect
Rondi Gelbard
Rondi Gelbard
Associate Professor of Surgery |UAB Hospital
Sal Guerrero
Salvador Guerrero
, MD
Family Resource Coordinator |Donor Network West
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Cassie Hertert
Director of Information Systems |Donor Alliance
Paul Lange
Paul Lange
, MD
Medical Director |Donor Alliance
McKee, Katie Mayo Clinic
Katie McKee
Hospital Partnership, Donor Family Aftercare |Mayo Clinic
Brendan Parent Crop
Brendan Parent
, JD
Director, Transplant Ethics & Policy Research, Director, Sports and Society |NYU Langone Health
Christine Radlovic Gift Of Life Donor Program
Christine Radolovic
Director, Transplant Coordinator Services |Gift of Life Donor Program
Relevant Information

These councils began operation in January 2015 with the main purpose of advancing the industry’s efforts to increase and improve the organ donation process, end deaths on the transplant waiting list and explore innovative practices for improving donation and transplantation outcomes.

If you are interested in learning more about these Councils or would like to become involved in the Councils, please contact The Alliance at [email protected] or 786-866-8730.

Lifelong Networks

Our partners are the heart and soul of our organization. For more than 15 years, they have played a vital role providing quality education and programs to advance a shared mission.