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Interns this Summer? The Alliance can assist with their Onboarding Process


This is the season when many college students are often joining our teams to learn about our field and spend a summer giving back to the organ donation and transplantation community.  With them come the future leaders in healthcare for the next generation.

One of the organizational challenges that exist for interns is quickly onboarding them. Given that they are typically with a team for 8-12 weeks, we need to quickly introduce them to our unique and nuanced field, and also immerse them into their specific assignments.

The Alliance has two strong resources to assist in onboarding your interns this summer.  Both serve a wide audience, provide an important inter-disciplinary perspective, and are free or low-cost.

The Alliance Saving and Healing Lives Training Video is a half-hour on-demand training video that provides a brief introduction to the organ donation process for healthcare students and professionals across the community of practice. After watching the video in its entirety, the intern can click the button below to complete the assessment. If they achieve a passing score of 80% or higher, they can obtain continuing education credits. Click here to learn more.

The Alliance Organ Donation Exploratory Seminar Textbook provides a complete overview to the organ donation process, with strong case studies, terminology and other recommended resources. Comprised of 14 chapters and contributions from 23 authors and editors, it provides a robust perspective on the donation and transplantation continuum. You can purchase it now on Amazon.

Enjoy the summer experience and the interactions with these future healthcare leaders!

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