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Opportunity to Learn from ‘Other Voices’ Drives the University of Michigan Transplant Center Professional Partnership with The Alliance


Opportunities to learn from a diverse group of professionals across the organ donation and transplantation continuum and access to a portfolio of educational content and effective practice resources are key drivers for the University of Michigan Transplant Center to be a Platinum Circle Partner for The Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance (The Alliance).

“The thing that I really like about The Alliance is that it provides an opportunity for everyone who gets involved to learn from a diverse group of people,” says Dr. John Magee, section head of Transplant Surgery at the University of Michigan Transplant Center. “By being the convener of a variety of experts in transplantation and health care, The Alliance provides an interdisciplinary perspective that is not all that common. Many of us have a strong partnership with our local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO), but you don’t necessarily hear the voices of other people around the country.”

“Hearing the same problems from different people and other solutions to challenges is really good in transplantation,” he adds. “Rather than being a local echo chamber between the staff within your center and your local OPO, The Alliance widens the voices and the knowledge and expertise.”

The Alliance is supported by voluntary financial support from professional and corporate partners and the Michigan Transplant Center is one of 28 Platinum Circle Partners. Professional partners work with the Alliance to advance the organ donation and transplantation field and each other. Information about levels of support and accompanying benefits can be found here.

“We appreciate the support of all our partners, both professional and corporate,” says Karri Hobson Pape, executive director. “Their support enables The Alliance to continue to turn discoveries into solutions for the organ donation and transplantation community. The University of Michigan Transplant Center has been a huge contributor of volunteer expertise to The Alliance and Dr. Magee has been instrumental in encouraging his team members to be involved.”

Dr. Magee said Michigan team members, including physicians, surgeons, nurses, and staff, have been involved with The Alliance. They have served on National Leadership Councils, and participated in the Mentorship program. “Most of the people that have been involved from our program are the people who see a great opportunity and take advantage of it,” he says. “I’ve always been supportive of their involvement, but I’ve never actually had to push anyone towards it. The people that that have taken advantage of it recognize it as something that’s important and valuable and they do it. That’s a great thing because as a leader within a program, you realize that people that you have working for you are also interested in making the world better. It’s very reassuring and a source of pride that so many Michigan people want to be involved and participate in The Alliance.”

Randy Sung, Professor of Surgery and Surgical Director of Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation at the University of Michigan concurs about the value of The Alliance. “Our organization has always been highly supportive of The Alliance, both in terms of service and in financial support,” he says. “We really value those relationships, and our team has benefited greatly from the educational content.” Dr. Sung chairs The Alliance’s National Transplant Leadership Council.

“The Alliance provides a framework for hearing some of the different voices in transplantation that are not just from your program,” says Dr. Magee. “Hearing other voices is good.”

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