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National Critical Issues Forum: Optimizing Performance in an Age of Disruption

As we begin Day 2 of the 2022 National Critical Issues Forum, The Alliance is pleased to share highlights of five of our Day 1 sessions dedicated to exploring the regulatory shifts, economic challenges, staffing pressures, and need to incorporate novel technical innovations into organ donation and transplantation practices.  The program is intended to provide participants with the necessary skills to turn challenges into opportunities and adverse or challenging environments into performance improvement endeavors

During these presentations, we invited a live sketch artist to capture the conversations. These hand-drawn graphical renderings capture the discussions about these compelling topics and provided a fun and innovative way to share the energy and ideas that emerged from the presenters.

NCIF22 Overview

  • Disruption in Healthcare: A Brief Exploration of the Recent Changes Impacting Donation and Transplantation 
    • Moderator: Richard Gilroy, MD (Moderator) Medical Director, Liver Transplantation – Intermountain Medical Center, UT and Chair of the Planning Committee for National Critical Issues Forum
    • Hospital Perspective – Nancy Foster Vice President, Quality & Patient Safety Policy – American Hospital Association, DC
    • OPO Perspective – Jennifer Prinz Chief Executive Officer – Donor Alliance, CO 
    • Transplant Perspective – Derek Ginos Transplant Administrator – Intermountain Medical Center, UT 1 of 8 Patient Perspective Lorenzo Swank Volunteer – Donor Connect, UT

NCIF22 Data

  • Understanding the Goal: How Do We Leverage the Right Data to Make the Right Change? 
    • SRTR Perspective – Jon Snyder (Moderator) Director – Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) 
    • OPO Perspective – Donna Smith Sr. Director of Clinical Services – Sierra Donor Services, CA 
    • Transplant Perspective – James Pittman Assistant Vice President, Transplant and Dialysis Services – HCA Healthcare, TN

NCIF22 Trends KL

  • The Impact of Broader Kidney and Liver Allocation on Organ Discards 
    • Moderator: John Magee, MD (Moderator) Jeremiah & Claire Turcotte Professor of Transplant Surgery – University of Michigan, MI 
    • Liver Perspective – Adyr Moss, MD Associate Professor of Surgery – Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, AZ 
    • Kidney Perspective – Zoe A. Stewart Lewis, MD Surgical Director, Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Programs – NYU Langone Health, NY

NCIF22 Change

  • Being the Change: Navigating Change Proactively vs. Reactively 
    • Moderator: Richard Hasz, MFS, CPTC (Moderator) President & Chief Executive Officer – Gift of Life Donor Program, PA 
    • OPO Perspective: Jan Finn President & Chief Executive Officer – Midwest Transplant Network, KS 
    • Transplant Perspective: Bobby Nibhanupudy, MD Medical Director, Abdominal Transplantation – AdventHealth Transplant Institute, FL

NCIF22 Staffing

  • The Evolution of Staffing Models 
    • Moderator: Nancy Foster, Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety Policy – American Hospital Association (AHA), D.C. 
    • OPO Perspective:  Kim Baltierra Director, Organ Services – Gift of Life Michigan, MI 
    • Transplant Perspective:  Austin Williams, MS, FACHE Chief Administrative Officer – Penn Transplant Institute, PA

Click on the image to enjoy the video:

Screen Shot 2022 09 16 At 8.59.47 AM


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