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Alliance’s Focus on Multidisciplinary Perspective Leads to Expanded Network of More Than 30,000 Professionals


A single successful organ-recovery-to-transplant journey is contingent on hundreds of interconnected healthcare professionals and support service personnel, as well as a broader network of administrative, community and corporate partners. As the donation and transplantation community continues to manage a vast wave of change in 2023 and beyond, The Alliance is intentional to bring the multidisciplinary perspective together for healthy, constructive dialogue and collaborative growth.

Over the past three years, the reach of The Alliance has grown 54 percent in our digital outreach, focusing across the entire continuum and deeper into organizations.  Currently, The Alliance reaches over 30,500 email and social media followers who engage with The Alliance’s digital content. This expanded community opens pathways for greater collaboration and sharing of effective practices across the donation and transplantation field, demonstrating a key premise of design thinking that innovation must come from all parts of an organization.

“The Alliance’s reach of more than 30,000 content subscribers represents our entire professional community,” says Corey Bryant, Senior Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives at The Alliance. “We are pleased to be working with more people across the continuum each year. Donation and transplantation requires a deep-reaching team of physicians, surgeons, specialists, clinical teams, administrative, quality and data teams, community and partner relations, training and development, industry partners and more. We believe our expanded reach can help lead to innovative solutions to the many complex challenges facing our field.

Engagement in The Alliance’s LinkedIn account has grown 112 percent since 2020, where professionals engage in content about programs, issues, and topics. Email subscribers have increased 42 percent since 2020, from 13,390 to 19,062 and is the primary way the donation and transplantation community is updated through the “Monday Minute” weekly email and other program-specific communications. When an organization becomes an Alliance Professional Partner or Corporate Partner, their team shares a list of employees to receive Alliance benefits which keeps the email list updated and accurate.

“This is key to The Alliance’s focus on collaboration to drive innovation,” says Karri Hobson-Pape, Executive Director of The Alliance. “Our focus on providing a platform for diverse perspectives provides a jumping-off point for collaborative success, including insight gathering and brainstorming solutions. To generate better results, faster results, more cost-efficient results, we must work together. Collaboration is at the heart of who we are today.”

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